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"Oro is the binding force for an enemy who like the Tenno can survive the death" - Teshin.

The Oro is an orb released upon death of a Tenno in Conclave's Annihilation mode.

Speculation Edit

Oro appears to be Warframe's equivalent of a soul, iterated as an "image" of reality contained within creatures. Oro also appears to have a connection to the Void – during The War Within quest Tenno could come back to life by using their Oro. It is also hinted that Oro is only possessed by those who have been exposed to the Void, as Tenno most likely got their Oro during Zariman Ten-Zero incident.

Orokin have used Oro to be immortal, utilizing Kuva to transfer the Oro and consciousness into other bodies, It is unlikely that Tenno obtained Oro through same way as other Orokin did since the children were seen as mere tools and not worth the gift of immortality.

Sentient  also appear to posses an Oro, although a different, seemingly artificial version of it. Sentient Oro drops on their death (visually as a glowing particle) and can be picked up by Tenno to restore the Warframe's energy to full. This hints at a lore detail which states that Tenno can absorb the Oro of others, which might be the reason Tenno were able to kill Orokin permanently as other sources have failed.


  • DE Steve's description of Oro: "That is the Oro, which represents the resurrection ability of Tenno and other enemies that Teshin is most concerned with"

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