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Cooperation test

Cooperation Test room

This room is best completed with 4 players. However it is possible to do solo with the use of Operator and summons such as Decoy, Effigy, Molt, and Specters.

  1. Step on the pad by the entrance. This pad must be held down by a player or operator.
  2. Another player (or operator in focus form, walking form doesn't work) must step on the new pad that was released (One method of performing this solo would be to place your warframe on the new pad and to run back to the first pad with your operator).
  3. Step on the pads on the 4 corners of the center vault. Each corner will open a small entrance where there are 2 pads to step on.
  4. Once all 4 corners (8 pads) are activated, the bottom of the center room will open. Enter.
  5. Inside the center room, there will be 4 pressure pads that players must stay on until the gate is fully opened. These pads can be activated by summons.
  6. The portal will be in the final room

This test rewards Coaction Drift.