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Cunning test

Cunning Test room, with opened waterfall on the left

This room is the room with the Security Eye mini-boss from The Second Dream. In this room, the player must shoot the cap off the left and right water pipes, clearing the flow of water. Once water flows freely, the center will glow golden and the player must step on it to activate the test. The fight is identical to the one from The Second Dream, with the objective being to trick the Security Eye into destroying the exposed sides of the pillars using its wave attack. Everytime a pillar is destroyed, the Security Eye will spin in the middle of the room, releasing projectiles that either deal explosive damage, or leave behind lingering miasma clouds that damage everything that walks through. All four pillars must be destroyed to defeat the Eye. Once the Eye is defeated, an opening will appear in the center of the room that will lead to the portal.

This test rewards Cunning Drift.