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Stealth test

Stealth Test starting location

This test takes place in a large, long hallway. In this room, there will be a glowing golden pad. After activating it, the player must make it to the other side of the room on the glowing pad to access the portal. The player must also avoid all blue lasers while going to the other side. Touching a blue laser instantly fails the test.

  • Lingering in the hallways to the side of the room for more than a few seconds will result in special black Rollers attacking the player, failing the test.
  • In a group of 2 or more players, one player can start the test when the other player is at the end, easily completing the test.
  • Leaving your Warframe at the other side of the room and using your Operator to activate the glowing pad will activate the portal as well, which the Warframe will fall through. A very easy way to complete the test.

This test rewards Stealth Drift.