Orokin Turrets are found uncommonly throughout the Void, activating when the Player will least suspect them, such as from pressure plates, lockers and even the destruction of a nearby Storage Container.

Orokin Turrets are a basic defense found within the void, along with Death Orbs, they are activated by nearby pressure plates, lockers and the destruction of storage containers. When Activated the Orokin Turret will continuously fire a stream of lasers toward its enemy and will not cease until the enemy is outside of its sight, or has been disposed of. However, it is not uncommon for the activation of a pressure plate, locker or destroyed container not to trigger these defenses.

Whilst being a defensive measure, the turret actually possesses very little shield and armor values, making it a minor threat to come across and as such, can easily be destroyed with very little damage. However the Tenno should not take these values for granted, as its continuous stream of lasers yields high damage to an unaware Tenno.


  • Mirage's Sleight Of Hand will turn the turrets against their former allies, offering a counterattack to any unlucky enemies within its range.


  • Unlike the Corpus Turret, the Orokin Turret has no visible state of activation and deactivation making it difficult to determine from a distance if a turret has been activated.
  • The Orokin Turret will emit a quick yellow pulse when activated.


  • Turrets may be Mind Controlled when activated and will remain activated, however, for no given reason they will not possess any shields.


  • When destroyed, the Orokin Turret will often leave behind the same broken model as the Corpus Turret.
  • Although owning no Codex entry, Helios and the Codex Scanner can still scan them, using up scanner charges in the process.


  • Showing Corpus turret remains from an Orokin Turret
  • Orokin Turret

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