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Originally we studied Void occurrences from afar, observing and cataloguing the distribution of galaxies and refining cosmological evolution models. We are in a new age of cosmic exploration. Advancements in space travel partnered with determined curiosity have brought us closer to our object of study, and with it, revelation.

—Void Fragment

The Void is a mysterious realm of extradimensional space, where the laws of physics hold little sway. It is the source of many mysterious phenomena, such as void storms, and the origin of the Tenno's powers.

As a Star Chart location, the Void is characterized by the presence of Orokin Towers, gleaming white and gold structures built by the Orokin for unknown purposes. These towers are of immense interest to the major factions of the Origin System, who desire the vast treasures and Orokin technology hidden within. It is the primary source of Argon Crystals.


Main article: Corrupted

These units have been taken over by the Neural Sentry to protect the Towers from outside forces.

T I-IV T III-IV Only T IV Only

The Stalker and Syndicate Kill Squads may also appear to hunt down Tenno during Tower missions.


Unlike other planets whose entirety can be accessed from a single entry node, the Void is divided into four different set of nodes, each set separate from each other that must be accessed from four different planets (Phobos, Europa, Neptune, & Sedna).

Target Name Type Level Tile Set
OrokinMissionIcon Teshub Exterminate 10 - 15 Orokin Void
OrokinMissionIcon Hepit Capture 10 - 15 Orokin Void
OrokinMissionIcon Taranis Defense 10 - 15 Orokin Void
OrokinMissionIcon Tiwaz Mobile Defense 20 - 25 Orokin Void
OrokinMissionIcon Stribog Orokin Sabotage 20 - 25 Orokin Void
OrokinMissionIcon Ani Survival 20 - 25 Orokin Void
OrokinMissionIcon Ukko Capture 30 - 35 Orokin Void
OrokinMissionIcon Oxomoco Exterminate 30 - 35 Orokin Void
OrokinMissionIcon Belenus Defense 30 - 35 Orokin Void
OrokinMissionIcon Aten Mobile Defense 40 - 45 Orokin Void
OrokinMissionIcon Marduk Orokin Sabotage 40 - 45 Orokin Void
OrokinMissionIcon Mithra Interception 40 - 45 Orokin Void
OrokinMissionIcon Mot Survival 40 - 45 Orokin Void


  • When the Void was first introduced back in Update 8.0, players could only access it through the use of Void Keys that they could acquire during missions. The Void as a whole was significantly changed in during Update: Specters of the Rail, turning it into a separate system while Void Keys were changed to Relics.

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