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Overextended increases Power Range while reducing Power Strength of Warframe abilities.


Rank Power Range Power Strength Cost Conclave
0 +15% -10% 6 C8
1 +30% -20% 7 C8
2 +45% -30% 8 C11
3 +60% -40% 9 C14
4 +75% -50% 10 C17
5 +90% -60% 11 C20


  • Powers that are not affected by Power Strength (Such as Nyx's Chaos and Loki's powers) benefit most from this mod, as they are not affected by the negative aspect.
  • While this mod can be combined with a max rank Intensify and upgraded to rank 2 (+45% range, -30% strength) without any negative effects, equipping a max rank Stretch instead would achieve the same range bonus without requiring a second mod or costing additional mod points.
  • If this mod is installed on Nova, Molecular Prime's speed debuff reverses and increases enemy speed instead of slowing them down. This is because Overextended's Power Strength penalty affects the speed reduction additively instead of multiplicatively like most abilities. Do note that this interaction is unique to Molecular Prime and Molecular Prime alone.
    • This interaction is useful in Defense missions if the player(s) wishes to speed up mission progression.


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