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Type Uncommon
Locations Oxium Osprey
Corpus / Void Canisters
Oxium is a rare lighter than air alloy of Orokin origin.

–In-Game Description

Oxium is an uncommon component. Dropped by the uncommon enemy unit Oxium Osprey with a perfect drop rate, it can be found in quantities of 7-12 and will only drop if the Osprey is killed before it destroys itself by charging against the player, an ally, or a wall.

Oxium can also be found in the Orokin Void by destroying canisters, as rare loot in Corpus canisters, opening Grineer caches in Orokin Derelict Sabotage missions.

Gathering TipsEdit

These tips are based on opinion and may not be true. They should be viewed as advice and not solid fact. Keep in mind that factions on nodes change over time with Invasions, so farming locations will change over time.

  • Playing Corpus Defense, Survival and Mobile Defense missions can yield 15-30 Oxium per run. (easiest low level corpus is Venus-Kiliken, defense mission)
  • Playing on Cerberus Pluto can yield about 200-600 Oxium in 4 Rounds. (Depending on total Ospery kills)
  • Europa, Baal can yield 50-150 Oxium per run with a 4 player team.


  • As it's dropped by a specific enemy and is not a planet-specific drop, it cannot be obtained by using Extractors.

Blueprints Requiring OxiumEdit

Click to view the Blueprints requiring Oxium.
Blueprint Type Quantity
Bolt Release Item 20
Distilling Extractor Item 150
Zephyr Helmet Component 200
Zephyr Chassis Component 200
Zephyr Systems Component 200
Mesa Chassis Component 50
Helios Sentinel 300
Nikana Melee Weapon 75
Dragon Nikana Melee Weapon 75
Karyst Melee Weapon 100
Halikar Melee Weapon 500
Kohm Primary Weapon


Itzal Systems Component


Itzal Harness Component


Itzal Wings Component



By purchasing this item you can directly exchange Platinum64 30 for 300 Oxium.

–In-Game Description

Oxium was added to the Market in Update 12.6.

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