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Weapon Slot Primary
Weapon Type Shotgun
Trigger Type Held
Projectile Speed Hit-Scan
Noise Level 25.0m
Fire Rate 1.0 rounds/sec
Pellet Count 7 pellets/round
Accuracy 50.0
Magazine Size 40 rounds/mag
Reload Time 2.0s
Normal Attacks
Elemental Type Viral b Viral
Elemental Dmg 330.0
Crit Chance 10.0%
Crit Multiplier 2.0x
Introduced Update 12.0
Fires seven beams of continuous biochemical energy which instantly corrode any surface they contact.

The Phage is an Infested shotgun that fires seven beams in a fairly wide spread. Zooming in focuses these beams closer together, allowing the Phage to perform well against groups or individual targets when needed. Contrary to its description, it deals Viral damage.

Holding Zoom narrows from an extremely wide spread to Synapse-like accuracy over about 1.5 seconds. Every time you hold the trigger, it must readjust before it can focus its firepower.

Manufacturing Requirements
Time: 24 hr
Rush: Platinum64 25
Market Price: Platinum64 175 Blueprint Price: Credits64 15,000
Bio Lab Research Requirements
Time: 72. hr
Prereq: Mutagen Mass
Ghost x1   Shadow x3   Storm x10   Mountain x35   Moon x100


This weapon deals primarily Viral b Viral damage.


  • Extremely low ammo consumption rate, roughly 1 unit of ammo per second.
  • Innate Viral b Viral damage, making it good against most Corrupted, Grineer and Corpus.
  • Good status chance even for a shotgun, excellent for a continuous weapon.
  • Multiple fire modes, changed by holding zoom.
  • Has innate Punch Through of less than 0.5 meters, allowing it to bypass a Shield Lancer's shield.


  • The starting spread is quite wide, and it takes some time to focus the beams together.
  • It will lose focus the instant you stop firing, land from a jump, or step off a ledge.
  • Deals reduced damage against Chargers and Leapers.
  • Limited range of 25 meters, on par with the Flux Rifle.

Weapon LoadoutsEdit


  • Sprinting, falling or otherwise interrupting your movement will result in the Phage's focus being reset to its max width.
  • Vicious Spread and Tainted Shell will only affect the initial spread of the beam.
    • The time required to focus the beams cannot be modified by any means.
  • The Phage can be treated as a hybrid of both the Flux Rifle and the Synapse, due to Phage's instantaneous charge spread across seven beams that can be synchronized together.
  • Shooting the Phage with a short tap may not seem to consume ammo, but each ammo unit of the Phage is split up into many, so you are actually consuming a fraction of ammo.
  • The damage listed is a combination of all the Phage's streams. The actual damage per stream is a little above 47, as there are 7 streams.


  • The "Focus" of the beams can be paused at an intermediate stage by releasing zoom. This can be used to dispatch different groupings of enemies more efficiently.
  • Hell's Chamber will increase the amount of beams fired, with the extra beams clearly separate from one another.
  • Firing the beams through Volt's Electric Shield will cause the beams to focus into straight lines and gain very long (although not infinite) range.
  • Using Seeking Force will allow the beams to go through objects.
  • Due to its spread being controllable and damage being continuous, this weapon is quite effective at destroying reactor cores for Sabotage missions.


  • Phage is the Greek word for "devour". The Phage itself may derive its name from Bacteriophages (viruses that consume bacteria) or Macrophages (cells that consume bacteria and cellular debris).
  • This is the first shotgun to have a continuous-firing feature, as well as the first Infested shotgun. It is also the first purely elemental shotgun.
  • The oval bulb near the trigger beats like a heart, which suggests that this weapon is alive. 


  • Like with all continuous weapons, you can be cloaked by a Shade or Huras Kubrow as you are firing the weapon, and the cloak will not disengage unless you move out of range of enemies or stop firing the weapon and fire it again, granting high DPS to enemies with little retaliation.  


  • Saryn Holding Phage
  • Phage as first seen in dev vid
  • phage as seen on arsenal
  • phage color, the secondary color is the blob elliptical thing near the handle/trigger
  • Attack without aiming (right mouse button).
  • Phage attack whilst aiming.
  • Phage attack whilst aiming. Able to fire short to medium range.
  • Phage's projectile streams as they go through Volt's Electric Shield


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