Phoenix Renewal is an Warframe Augment Mod for Oberon's Renewal. If a player takes fatal damage while under the effects of Renewal, instead of becoming incapacitated, the player is healed for a percentage of their health and granted 5 seconds of invulnerability. Each player that triggers Phoenix Renewal's effects must individually undergo a 90-second cooldown before they can benefit again.

Stats Edit

Rank Health Restored (%) Cost
0 20% 6
1 30% 7
2 40% 8
3 50% 9


  • This mod can be acquired by attaining the rank of General under Steel Meridian, or the rank of Flawless under New Loka, and spending ReputationBlackx6425,000 to purchase.



Maximization is a form of specialization: mods may be blended to result in values that vary between the top-end limits listed here. Click any maximized link in the collapsible menu to learn how to build it.

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  • Maximized Ability Duration increases bleedout slow to 137.7%, armor buff duration to 61.2 seconds and reduces channeling cost to 1.07 energy per second, and channeling cost per target to 1.07.
    • Reduces range to 8.5 meters.
  • Maximized Ability Efficiency reduces activation cost to 6.25, channeling cost to 0.5 energy per second, and channeling cost per target to 0.75.
    • Reduces bleedout slow to 18%, armor buff duration to 8 seconds
  • Maximized Ability Range increases range to 70 meters.
    • Reduces initial heal to 50, heal per second to 18, armor buff to 80 and increases wave duration to 10 seconds. Health restoration is reduced to 20%
  • Maximized Ability Strength increases initial heal to 466.25, heal per second to 167.85, armor buff to 746 and reduces wave duration to 1.07 seconds. Health restoration is increased to 100%.
    • Without Energy Conversion, increases initial heal to 403.75, heal per second to 145.35, armor buff to 646 and reduces wave duration to 1.24 seconds. Health restoration is increased to 100%.
    • Increases activation cost to 38.75, channeling cost to 3.5 energy per second, and channeling cost per target to 5.25.
    • Reduces bleedout slow to 32.63%, armor buff duration to 14.5 seconds

NOTE: Italic refers to the base ability of this augment


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