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Physique is an Aura that increases maximum health.


Rank Effect Cost Conclave
0 +3% -2* C8
1 +6% -3* C8
2 +9% -4* C11
3 +12% -5* C14
4 +15% -6* C17
5 +18% -7* C20

* Aura mods increase the amount of Mod Power


  • This mod only increases base Health (i.e. +18% of 100 Health; a meager 18 Health), not the overall health values of the entire team in an additive basis, making it only a viable additive for Defense Polarity slots on Warframes.
    • Compared to Vitality, this gives much less Health.
    • Since most Warframes have a base health between 75 and 150, each Physique aura in the squad will only give between 13 and 27 hp.
  • This can be stacked with other teammates' to increase the team's health by 72% of their base health.
  • If this aura were stacked up to the absolute maximum number of players possible in any given mission – 8 players in a Raid – it would increase the team's health by 144% of their base health.


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