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Grineer Schliessschrank Offen

Pickups are in-game objects that the player can collect by running near or over them. They range from those useful on the current mission (ammunition, health) to resources and mods that can be later used and equipped. Many pickups are shared with teammates.


All lootable objects such as Storage Containers, and lootable corpses will all show up on radar when equipped with the warframe Thief's Wit mod. 

  • Butcher corpses appear when the ship is undergoing Self-Destruct Environmental Hazards. Pickups will be dispensed when the player interact with them using the interact key (default X).
  • Both Butchers and Crewmen corpses appear during Invasion missions. They will appear depending on which faction is affiliated with the tileset. Pickups will be automatically dispensed when the player walks over them.
  • Lockers can be locked or unlocked. Green unlocked lockers can be opened through interaction. Red locked lockers can only be opened if Master Thief is equipped. They can be opened using the interact key (default X). They can also be unlocked by Kubrows with the mod Scavenge.
  • Storage Containers can be opened with bullets, some Warframe powers, Syndicate mod or weapon AoE effects, and melee attacks. Orokin Void contains two variants of containers, one normal and one that is actually an explosive volatile one. Volatile ones are now extremely easy to identify due to their small size and the fact they emit smoke and the lights are tinted red.
  • Lootables in hidden areas have a higher chance to yield rare resources, and rare mods in Orokin Void.
  • The Master Thief mod and Nekros's Desecrate ability are affect pickup spawn patterns.

Grineer Lootables

Corpus Lootables

Orokin Lootables


Containers and dispatched enemies all have a chance to drop ammunition packs. Packs are universal in the sense that all players are able to pick it up if they need that type of ammo. If a glowing vertical line is seen, but there is no ammo pack on the ground, it means the player has picked up the ammunition, but another party member has not. The ammo type is indicated based on the color and shape of the pack, and the quantity of ammunition received by a player depends on the type of weapon used and the weapon itself. Orbs provide health and energy to Tenno in the field. Some of these orbs provide experience or Blueprints, while others provide Stamina in the form of green orbs in obstacle courses in Clan Dojos.


Picking up an ammo pack will refill only the ammo pool of their respective weapon. However, with the introduction of the ammo mutation mods in the Sling-Stone Event, one can convert different ammo packs as ammunition for the weapon equipped with one of these mods. The conversion will only happen if such modded weapon is equipped (not holstered) and the other weapon ammo is full (e.g. will not convert rifle ammo if your rifle ammunition is not full).


  • This will refill 20 rounds of any side arm ammo or 1.25 rounds per ammo mutation rank of converted ammo.
  • Pistol Scavenger increases the amount of pistol ammo recovered per drop.


  • This will refill 10 rounds of any shotgun ammo or 2.5 rounds per ammo mutation rank of converted ammo.
  • Shotgun Scavenger increases the amount of shotgun ammo recovered per drop.


  • This will refill 20 rounds of any Rifle ammo or 1.25 rounds per ammo mutation rank of converted ammo.
  • Rifle Scavenger increases the amount of rifle ammo recovered per drop.


  • This will refill 10 rounds of Sniper ammo or Arrows or 2.5 rounds per ammo mutation rank of converted ammo.
  • Sniper Scavenger increases the amount of sniper/bow ammo recovered per drop.
  • Sniper pickups seem to be the least common drop out of the current four.


  • This will refill all ammo of any type of firearm.
  • This type of ammo is only available in Conclave missions and the Simulacrum.



  • Blue orbs dropped by enemies refill 25 or 50 Energy, 50 energy on harder level missions.
  • Blue orbs found in containers, canisters, and lockers refill 25 to 100 Energy.
  • These drop more frequently than other orbs.


  • Red orbs refill 25 health.
  • These are dropped from lockers, containers, canisters, and from killed Drahks or Feral Kubrows.
  • These drop less frequently than other orbs.
  • Restores companion's health as well.


  • Yellow orbs grant 100 Affinity to the player's current equipment.
  • These are often dropped from containers, canisters, and chests.

Nav Coordinates





Modules are dropped by all enemy types. The drop rate is higher for heavy enemies and Bosses almost always drop at least one mod. Higher level enemies tend to drop higher ranked mods. 

It is common courtesy for players to mark an uncommon or rare mod drop with a waypoint (default G). If aimed correctly, the waypoint turns into a "module" waypoint and marks presence of a mod for all other players. Mods sparkle blue when they have not been picked up by all players in the squad. If a blue sparkle is seen, but there is no mod on the ground, it means the player has picked up the mod, but a party member has not. When Thief's Wit is equipped, mods are shown on the mini-map until the player has picked them up - it no longer shows mods uncollected by other team members.

Rare mods and Fusion Cores can be identified by the golden light beam produced.



Life Support Modules


Life Support Modules are dispensed from dead enemies in Survival missions. Each module restores 4% of the total life support system when picked up. They are automatically marked with a green marker.


Resource Orange
Resources are dropped by containers and enemies. The drop rate varies by the type of resource. Resource drops are uncommon when compared to other drops. The type of resources available depend on the location on the star map. Each area on the star map has three resources available with different rarity on their chance to drop. When Thief's Wit is equipped, resource drops are shown on the mini-map if any party member hasn't pickup it up yet.
Resource Blue
Additional "research" resources can be found for use in Clan Research, such as Detonite Ampule, Fieldron Sample and Mutagen Sample. These resources are blue in color in-game and only drop in quantities of 1.


  • Credits are dropped by containers and enemies.
  • The quantity changes often, generally 1-50 credits.
  • Credits collected by any Tenno are shared with the group.
  • A green credit pickup is worth at least 100 credits. 



Syndicate Medallions are pickups only available in Syndicate alert missions. These pickups can be converted to Syndicate Standings when turned in to the Syndicate representatives in Relays. They are not auto-picked up when walked over and have to be manually picked up using the action key.


Warframe canister egg
Blueprint Orb
  • If materials fall off the tile, they are treated as any other entity and will often (albeit rather unreliably) be transported back to their original position.
  • Developers often replace Corpus Canisters with special skins during festival events, most notably 2013 Halloween and Easter, where Corpus Canisters were changed to pumpkins and Easter Eggs respectively.
  • Before Update 15, blueprint pickups resembled pink orbs.

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