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Pistol Ammo Mutation is a pistol mod that converts any unused ammo type into Pistol Ammo, or Sniper Ammo in the case of most explosive sidearms. The affected pistol will only convert ammo while equipped, and will not convert any ammo type used by holstered primary weapons until their own ammo is full.

Converted ammo is denoted by a AmmoMutation symbol. The final amount of ammo restored is rounded to the nearest integer.


Rank Efficiency
Cost Conclave
0 6.25% 25% 4 C3
1 12.5% 50% 5 C3
2 18.75% 75% 6 C4
3 25% 100% 7 C4
4 31.25% 125% 8 C4
5 37.5% 150% 9 C5




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