Pistol Ammo Mutation

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Pistol Ammo Mutation converts any unused ammo type into Pistol Ammo.


Rank Conversion (Rifle) Conversion (Shotgun/Sniper) Cost Conclave
0 1 3 4 C3
1 3 5 5 C3
2 4 8 6 C3
3 5 10 7 C4
4 6 13 8 C4
5 8 15 9 C5


This mod was originally given to players who joined the Sling-Stone Event. As of Update 10.5, this mod can be obtained as a Tier 1, 2 and 3 Survival reward at 20 minutes or more.


  • Will only convert ammo to Pistol if you have your Sidearm out.
  • Will only convert Primary Ammo to Pistol Ammo if your Primary Ammo is full.
  • Functions with the Carrier Sentinel's Vacuum, and will suck up unused drops if needed.
  • Highly recommended for continuous weapons like the Embolist or weapons like the Twin Gremlins.
  • Like any mutation, you have to have the weapon equipped in order to mutate ammo. If you switch to another weapon, you will not be able to pick up unused ammo to fill the weapon equipped with this mod.
  • Converted ammunition is denoted by a AmmoMutation symbol.
  • Maximum rank was increased to 5 by Update 15.6.0.
  • For weapons like the Angstrum that use sniper rounds, Pistol Ammo Mutation will convert ammo to whatever your sidearm requires. For example, picking up a magazine of rifle ammo with an unranked mod will yield 1 sniper round for your Angstrum.


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