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The Pistol Gambit mod increases the critical hit chance of a pistol by 20% per rank for a maximum of 120% at rank 5.


Rank Effect Cost Conclave
0 +20% 4 C5
1 +40% 5 C5
2 +60% 6 C6
3 +80% 7 C8
4 +100% 8 C9
5 +120% 9 C10


  • The critical hit chance increase from this mod is not additive, but rather multiplicative. For example, a Sicarus has base critical hit chance of 10%. With a rank 5 Pistol Gambit, it will have a 22% (10% + [10% × 1.2]) chance to critically hit. On the other hand, even with a rank 5 Pistol Gambit, Seer will still have a 0% critical hit chance because its base critical hit chance is 0%.


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