• Excalibur performing Parting Edge.
  • Excalibur performing Striking Gale.

Pointed Wind is a Stance mod for daggers that specializes in high damage, sweeping slashes and jumping strikes.

Can be equipped on:

✓ denotes weapon with matching Stance polarity


Combo Name Button Combination
Parting Edge  BlackBasex64  BlueBasex642x400%  BlackBasex642x150%  BlackBasex64200%
Striking Gale*  BlackBasex64  BlueBasex642x400%  BlackBasex642x150%  BlackChargex642x150%  BlackBasex64200%
Butterfly Slash  PurpleChargex64Slash b2x250%
Splitting Brush SlideBlueBasex64
Scorpion Fall In AirRedBasex64
Fanning Sting Wall DashBlackBasex64
Relentless Point Knockdowned Enemy + PurpleBasex64Slash b2x
 RedBasex64  Attack Slams    BlueBasex64  360° Attack    PurpleBasex64  Attack Procs

 Melee Attacks

 BlackBasex64    Melee  
 BlackBlockx64    Block  
 BlackUpx64    Direction (up)  
 BlackChargex64  Hold  
 BlackPausex64    Pause  

 Multipliers and Hits

 BlackBasex64200%    Attack does double damage  
 BlackBasex642x    Attack hits twice  

 Exclusive Procs

Knockdown b   Knockdown  
Ragdoll b   Ragdoll  
Finisher b   Finisher  


  • The third and fourth attack of Striking Gale involves a rising slash which has a high chance of landing a headshot against humanoid enemies for greater damage. The height of the jump makes it more likely to miss low-lying enemies like Crawlers, however.
  • The second attack in both main combos deals 300% bonus damage.


  • Parting Edge replaces the final lunging stab at the end of a normal dagger attack combo with a sweeping slash that can hit multiple adjacent enemies.
    • Those who prefer the lunging stab can either remove Pointed Wind and go stance-less, or use Homing Fang instead.



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