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Not to be confused with Mag's Polarize.

Polarization is the process in which a Polarity is added to or modified on a mod slot to a Weapon, Sentinel, or Warframe. A Forma is required to polarize an item.

It is designed to allow players to increase the power of an individual item beyond its original capacity (or even doubled capacity with the use of Orokin Technology).



Polarization becomes available to equipment only when it has reached Rank 30. The option is displayed and applied in a similar fashion to the Orokin Reactors or Orokin Catalysts, by means of Forma.  Unlike Reactors and Catalysts, however, Polarizing equipment will RESET ITEM RANK.

  1. Apply the Forma.
  2. Select a mod slot to polarize. You can cycle through the different Polarities by clicking the slot multiple times. This includes slots that already have polarizations.
  3. Click "Apply".


  • Ranking up equipment that has been polarized will NOT give additional Mastery Points.
  • Polarizing does not remove any Orokin Catalysts or Orokin Reactors from equipment.
  • For each Forma used on equipment, said equipment will gain a star on the top right corner under the name of the equipment (only visible when modding). It is unknown if there is any limit on how many stars an item can have or if they will simply go outside the screen.
  • Polarizing an item with pre-installed mods will automatically uninstall them, and they will be returned to your arsenal.
  • Polarizing will reset the Item or Warframe to "Unranked" and will have to be leveled again.
  • Choose which equipment you want to Polarize wisely, as the Forma cannot be removed.
  • A polarity can be left blank, but the Forma will still be consumed.
  • Polarizing equipment allows players to rearrange the polarity slots, including those innate to the equipment to begin with. This NO LONGER includes Warframe Aura slots and melee Stance slots.


  • Re-polarizing slots for which you are forced to pay a penalty is the most efficient use of the Forma. Instead of just doubling mod capacity for one slot, you are essentially getting double + 1 for a slot that you would otherwise be paying a penalty for.

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