A hard, thermoplastic casing. Manufactured by Corpus.

—In-Game Description

Polymer Bundle is an uncommon component that can be found on Mercury, Venus and Uranus. It is usually found in quantities of 40 to 80.

Blueprints Requiring Polymer Bundle

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Blueprint Type Quantity
Clan Key Key 500
Atterax Melee 800
Ceramic Dagger Melee 75
Cronus Melee 75
Dark Dagger Melee 75
Dark Sword Melee 75
Dual Cleavers Melee 800
Ether Daggers Melee 600
Ether Reaper Melee 1,000
Fang Melee 600
Heat Dagger Melee 75
Heat Sword Melee 75
Jaw Sword Melee 75
Kama Melee 1,200
Karyst Melee 800
Nami Skyla Melee 800
Orthos Melee 500
Plasma Sword Melee 50
Scoliac Melee 8,000
Atomos Secondary 1,300
Bolto Secondary 800
Bronco Secondary 100
Kraken Secondary 120
Marelok Secondary 5,000
Tysis Secondary 100
Vasto Secondary 1,000
Boltor Primary 600
Burston Primary 100
Grakata Primary 100
Grinlok Primary 5,000
Karak Primary 100
Stradavar Primary 8,000
Cernos Primary 600
Dread Primary 750
Paris Primary 500
Boar Primary 50
Hek Primary 100
Simulor Primary 850
Sobek Primary 400
Zhuge Primary 900
Ash Neuroptics Component 150
Chroma Neuroptics Component 350
Ember Neuroptics Component 150
Excalibur Neuroptics Component 150
Frost Neuroptics Component 150
Frost Prime Neuroptics Component 150
Harrow Neuroptics Component 4,000
Loki Neuroptics Component 150
Mag Neuroptics Component 150
Nyx Neuroptics Component 150
Oberon Neuroptics Component 150
Oberon Systems Component 500
Oberon Chassis Component 1,000
Octavia Neuroptics Component 4,800
Rhino Neuroptics Component 150
Trinity Neuroptics Component 150
Valkyr Prime Systems Component 15,000
Volt Neuroptics Component 150
Dagger Axe (Scindo) Cosmetic 550
Dagger Axe (Zoren) Cosmetic 500
Incubator Upgrade Segment Landing Craft 5,000
Total 67,095 (?)


By purchasing this item you can directly exchange Platinum6430 for 300 Polymer Bundle.

—In-Game Description

Beginning in Update 9.0 materials could be purchased directly from the market with Platinum64 Platinum.

Farming Tips

  • Uranus is the best place to farm polymer bundles as it is the primary resource available on the planet, meaning that every resource drop is very likely to be a bundle.
    • You can also obtain plastids on Uranus. With a desecrating Nekros and/or pilfering Hydroid in tow; one can easily net two of the most sought-after non-rare resources without much trouble.
    • Assur is the best option for farming polymer bundles in Uranus. Due to it being a Dark Sector Survival; the large infested population provides ample opportunities for resource drops and the cramped confines of the Grineer Galleon allows players to easily funnel infested into choke points for easy pickings and looting.
  • Venus and Mercury also drop polymer bundles, although you are more likely to get Alloy Plates and Ferrite.


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