Prisma Veritux
Weapon Slot Arch-Melee
Normal Attacks
Impact wImpact 45.0
Puncture wPuncture 45.0
Slash wSlash 210.0
Crit Chance 15.0%
Slam Attacks
Slide Attacks
Wall Attacks
Introduced Update 15.13.3
A rare object of beauty, this Archwing sword has been sheathed in prisma crystal and baptized in the void's energy.

The Prisma Veritux is the Veritux sword for the Archwing with enhanced stats and a unique Prisma skin.

Characteristics Edit

This weapon deals primarily Slash b Slash damage.


  • High base damage.
  • Has Vazarin Pol polarity.


  • Possesses delay between combo looping, hindering attack speed.


  • Compared to Veritux:
    • Faster attack speed (1.0 atks/s vs. 0.833 atks/s)
    • Higher critical chance (15.0% vs. 5.0%)
    • Higher critical multiplier (2.0x vs. 1.5x)
    • Higher status chance (20.0% vs. 10.0%)

Weapon LoadoutsEdit


  • The Prisma Veritux can be purchased from the Void Trader Baro Ki'Teer for Credits64‍ 150,000 and PrimeBucks‍550. Note however that Baro Ki'Teer's stock changes with each appearance, and may not have this item available at every time.
  • As a Special Weapon, the Prisma Veritux can be traded between players, however only unranked weapons without Forma and Orokin Catalysts are eligible.


  • Blocking with melee will grant knockdown protection against obstacles, allowing for smoother flight. Alternatively, performing a slide attack will allow passage through obstacles without slowing down.


  • The Prisma Veritux was visible as an entry in a player's Profile under Equipment before it was released.
  • As a Prisma weapon, the Prisma Veritux has a modified attack sound from the normal Veritux.


  • The Prisma Veritux as seen in the player's Profile.
  • An Excalibur holding a Prisma Veritux
  • Banshee Holding Prisma Veritux
  • Prisma Veritux in the Codex

Prisma Veritux Skins

Patch HistoryEdit

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