Prod Crewmen are the melee troops of the Corpus. Clad in green uniforms they wield the Prova shock baton. While they deal less damage than Grineer light units, they can still be dangerous in numbers.

Like regular crewmen, their head is protected by an armored helmet that when damaged will fall apart to reveal their faces.


  • Prod Crewmen possess a generic melee combat tactics performed in the game; (a) upon spotting their targets, these units will immediately rush and attack the target with their Prova, (b) if the alarm is raised, they will hide behind cover and will prefer to ambush their targets in close range.


  • In defensive game modes like Defense, Mobile Defense and Excavation, when using Snow Globe or Cataclysm to defend the objective, these enemies must not be disregarded, as they will walk under your defenses and attack the objective directly.
  • Their melee attacks can be evaded quite easily by players who pay attention to their surroundings. Coolant Leak or in fact any slowing or control effect helps avoiding their strikes further. When fighting with a melee weapon, their attacks can be blocked quite easily.
  • As of Update 17.0, Prod Crewman disappear after level 15, similar to how Crewmen disappear after level 15. This causes an extremely limited level range for Prod Crewman Eximus to spawn.


  • Before Update 11.0, the Prod Crewmen's Provas looked exactly like the stun-sticks used by the Grineer Flameblades. After the update, the models were replaced by actual Provas.
  • As of Update 12.0, the prod crewmen now have a different uniform to make them stand out from the regular crewman, with green replacing the tan coloring. Their Eximus variants wear blue and grey suits.
  • Prod Crewmen may be Military Police, who control the ranks of the army. The Prova's efficacy against Corpus being the primary evidence for this.


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