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Provoked increases the damage dealt by a Warframe while in bleedout.


Rank Effect Cost Conclave
0 +10% 4 C5
1 +20% 5 C5
2 +30% 6 C6
3 +40% 7 C6
4 +50% 8 C7
5 +60% 9 C7
6 +70% 10 C8
7 +80% 11 C8
8 +90% 12 C9
9 +100% 13 C9
10 +110% 14 C10


  • Added in Update 10.0.
  • Affects all damage whose source is the Warframe under the effect of this mod.
    • You can only use your secondary weapon while downed.
    • Affects the health drain of InarosUndying passive when he is incapacitated, allowing him to revive sooner.
  • Especially effective when used with abilities which can continue dealing damage after being downed, ex. Antimatter Drop, Molecular Prime, World On Fire, Hallowed Ground, Etc.
  • Works especially well with Undying Will.


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