Purity is an effect associated with the New Loka Syndicate, that is activated by acquiring affinity with a Syndicate Weapon or a weapon equipped with a Weapon Augment Mod. When triggered, Purity will release an AoE radial attack 25m around the player, dealing 1000 Corrosive b Corrosive damage and applying the Corrosive Status Effect to enemies in range. It will also restore 25% of the player's max Health, and provide a (base) Health boost of +25% for 30 seconds.

Purity WeaponsEdit

Source Amount

Sancti Castanas

Sancti Tigris

Purity ModsEdit

Source Amount (at maxed rank) Weapon
+1 (PrismaSkana
+1 Panthera
+1 Vulkar
+1 Furis


  • Purity will increase the maximum health of the Warframe before applying its healing effect, rendering a more efficient healing capacity.
  • When Purity ends, the removed health will be taken as health damage, displayed by the red outlines around the HUD.

Health BoostEdit

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Warframe Health Boost
Ash +38
Ash Prime +38
Atlas +25
Banshee +25
Chroma +25
Ember +25
Ember Prime +25
Equinox +25
Excalibur +25
Excalibur Prime +25
Frost +25
Frost Prime +25
Hydroid +25
Inaros +138
Ivara +19
Limbo +25
Loki +19
Loki Prime +19
Mag +19
Mag Prime +25
Mesa +31
Mirage +20
Nekros +25
Nezha +19
Nidus +38
Nova +25
Nova Prime +25
Nyx +25
Nyx Prime +25
Oberon +31
Rhino +25
Rhino Prime +25
Saryn +31
Saryn Prime +31
Trinity +25
Trinity Prime +25
Valkyr +25
Vauban +25
Volt +25
Volt Prime +25
Wukong +25
Zephyr +38

*Values were rounded to the nearest whole number, as decimal HP amounts are not displayed.

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