Player vs. Player, colloquially shortened to PvP, refers to the collection of game types where player-controlled Tenno face off against each other in battle.


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Duel Dojo
Dueling is a game mode added in Update 8 with the introduction of the Clan Dojo. By building a Dueling Room in the Clan Dojo, two players in that Dojo can begin a duel session. During the match, most of the effects and damage dealt by Warframe powers and Weapons remain the same as in missions.

Solar Rail ConflictEdit

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Solar Rail Conflicts is a game mode added in Update 14 which take place on Dark Sector nodes that are contested by another Clan or Alliance. This game mode allows a total of eight players to compete in an asymmetrical attack/defense gamemode, where four players (supporting the Challenger) attempt to infiltrate and damage the Solar Rail while the other four (supporting the Occupant) defend it. Solar Rail Conflicts are currently disabled under the "Dark Sector Armistice" and will not return in their original form.


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Website Conclave1

Conclave is a Syndicate added in Update 16.0 that provides large scale PvP missions. First introduced as a game mode in Update 10.0. It was restricted to players with similar Conclave Levels instead of their clan affiliations, and features battles on designated arena tiles. The new Conclave introduced in Update 16 creates a new Arsenal for players with a limited number of Warframes and Weapons in order to allow fair play. Available game modes include Annihilation, Team Annihilation, Cephalon Capture and Lunaro. Playing Conclave allows Tenno to earn Standing from Teshin, and unlock unique rewards as a result.


Conclave and Solar Rail Conflicts currently only allow certain Warframes and weapons to ensure balance is fair and even. Conclave-exclusive mods can be obtained from Teshin with Standing, from drops by Conculysts and Battalysts, and from completing a Conclave match. Unique variants, such as Prime, Wraith, MK-1, are generally permitted. All new pieces of equipment released since Update 16 are permitted.

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  • All weapons have their own unique stats in PvP that can be different from their regular stats, including damage, fire rate, and other stats.
  • Weapons cannot proc, however, some weapons will always proc on certain actions. These include:
  • There are no critical hits. Weapons instead have a headshot multiplier, generally x1.5; shooting an enemy in the head applies this multiplier.
  • Melee slide attacks do only as much damage as regular attacks.
  • Melee Channeling cost increased from 5 energy per hit to 10 energy per hit.
  • All PvE Stance Mods cannot be used in PvP, which uses dedicated Stance mods that can only be used in PvP.


  • Warframes have their own unique health, armor, and shields, and use the default 100 Max Energy.
  • For balance reasons, Warframe abilities may behave differently in PvP:

  • Shuriken: Deals 38 Puncture b Puncture damage, does not cause Slash b Slash proc.
  • Smoke Screen: Duration of 4s. Leaves a faint visible outline, and cancels out on firing any weapon or ability, picking up health/energy/ammo or when taking damage. Charging a weapon does not count as attack.
  • Teleport: 40 meters range, does not stagger target.
  • Blade Storm: Range limited to 8m, deals 150 damage. Marking enemies cost less while invisible.

  • Landslide: Causes Knockdown on third combo.
  • Tectonics: Hit Points of 1,050. Does not have invincibility phase. Obstructs opponent while letting allies pass.
  • Petrify: Range limited to 10m, petrifies enemies only for 2 seconds.
  • Rumblers: Lasts for 20s. The brawler's stats are 5 armor, 400 health, 100 damage. Has a self-destruct damage range of 3m.

  • Sonic Boom: Deals 7 damage with a range of 8m and knocks down enemies.
  • Sonar: Creates weakspots of 1.5x multiplier on enemies in the range of 30m for 20s.
  • Silence: Nullifies any opponents' ability within the range of 20m for 20s, and prevents them from using abilities while in the area for the duration.
  • Sound Quake: Range of 10m. Deals 200 damage per second.

  • Spectral Scream: All elements do proc their respective proc, even in PvP. If element is Toxin b Toxin, the damage will directly damage health as normal, but is reduced by 50% compared to other elements. 12m range, deals 60 base damage per second.
  • Elemental Ward: Reflects melee damage by 0.4x back to the attacker and has a chance to proc its respective element. Toxin b Toxin damage will have reduced multiplier, but lasts for 25s and will affect allies in the range of 12m.
  • Vex Armor: Lasts 8s but can accumulate armor faster, up to 5,000%. Fury increases damage up to 2.0x.
  • Effigy: Hitpoint of 800. Deals 65 damage. Chromas armor is reduced by 50% and his movement speed increased by 20% while Effigy is active.

  • Fireball: Deals 20 damage on impact and in a small radius.
  • Accelerant: Range of 10m, causing 1.4x multiplier to Heat b Fire damage for 30s.
  • Fire Blast: Emits a wave of fire that knocks down enemies in 10m range and deals 45 damage. Creates a persistent ring of fire for 20 seconds that deals 67 damage per second to enemies in contact with it.
  • World On Fire: Range of 6m, deals 45 damage per explosion. 35% chance of causing Heat b Fire proc.

Night form:

  • Metamorphosis: Bonus 200 armor and 100 shield capacity.
  • Rest: Limited range of 6m and 2.5m effect radius. Sleeping targets are immune to damage. A target wakes up when shot or interacted with by a teammate.
  • Pacify: Nearby enemies deal 50% less damage.
  • Mend: Nearby allies are healed with each nearby enemy killed.

Day form:

  • Metamorphosis: 1.4x damage multiplier and 20% movement speed increase.
  • Rage: Limited range of 6m and 2.5m effect radius. Targets are 50% more vulnerable to damage, but also gain a 20% movement speed bonus.
  • Provoke: Increases Power Strength of nearby allies.
  • Maim: Nearby allies are bled and then subjected to a wave of slashing force.

  • Freeze: Possesses slight homing function. 30 damage.
  • Ice Wave: Deals 100 damage and a cold proc in a 45° cone. 15m range.
  • Snow Globe: Slows enemies inside the globe by 67%. 800 Health.
  • Avalanche: Deals 170 damage in a 10m range. Affected enemies have their armor reduced by 100% for 2 seconds, and deal an additional 40 damage in a 4.5m area.

  • Slash Dash: Does not provide immunity to damage mid-cast. Inflicts the Impaired status on enemies.
  • Radial Blind: Staggers and blinds. Looking away from the flash halves the effect duration.
  • Radial Javelin: Reduced cast speed. Javelin only attacks opponents in Excalibur's line of sight.
  • Exalted Blade: 88 damage, 12.5 energy per second, reduced wave range.

  • Desiccation: Deals 45 initial damage, then 5 damage per second for 3 seconds. 25% of its damage is returned as health for Inaros. Blinds enemies who are looking at Inaros.
  • Devour: Slows and prevents target jumping. Killing an opponent trapped in Quicksand creates a sand pile that can be devoured for Health.
  • Sandstorm: ?????
  • Scarab Swarm: ?????

  • Quiver: Null-Shield Arrow replaces Dashwire Arrow: removes an enemy player's shields within 5 meters of the impact point, and prevents shield regeneration for 4 seconds. Encumbered Arrow replaces Noise Arrow: disables Jumping.
  • Navigator: No change
  • Prowl: Become invisible and deal extra damage on headshots.
  • Artemis Bow: Damage: 90. Multishot: 7.

  • Limbo can still roll to enter the rift plane at any time.
  • While in the rift plane, maximum shields are reduced to 0.
  • Banish: 8 second duration, 12 meter range.
  • Stasis: ?????.
  • Rift Surge: 20 second duration, 50% damage increase.
  • Cataclysm: 4 second duration, 75 damage, 7 meter range.

  • Decoy: 30 second duration, uses your equipped Primary weapon and appearance, and deals 1 damage per bullet, including shotgun pellets.
  • Invisibility: 12 second duration, canceled upon taking or dealing damage.
  • Switch Teleport: Range of 20 meters.
  • Radial Disarm: Range of 12 meters, 150 damage.

  • Pull: Aims in a line instead of a cone, only hitting enemies you are directly looking at. Staggers instead of ragdolls. Deals 40 damage, and 40 extra damage to shields. 40m range.
  • Magnetize: Creates a magnetic field around a target that attracts any weapon fire that hits it and deals damage over time. 4s duration.
  • Polarize: Depletes enemy shields and adds it to Mag. 15m range.
  • Crush: Does not suspend Tenno, but staggers them with each damage tick.

  • Ballistic Battery ?????
  • Shooting Gallery 25% damage bonus, 10 meters range, doesn't swich between allies. Removes ammo from opponents clip and gives it to Mesa.
  • Shatter Shield 50% damage reduction, reflects back incoming bullet damage. 8 second duration, 12 meters range.
  • Peacemaker 1x damage multiplier, FOV rapidly decreases after cast.

  • Hall of Mirrors: 2 clones, 20 second duration, 50% damage reduction.
  • Sleight Of Hand: Traps pickups within 10 meters for 125 damage over 5 meters. 60 second duration
  • Eclipse: 20% damage bonus in light, 30% reduction in dark, 20 second duration.
  • Prism: 8 meter explosion, 10 energy and 75 damage per second.

  • Soul Punch: 20 meter range, 14 damage.
  • Terrify: Debuffed targets deal 50% less damage. 12 meters range, 10 second duration.
  • Desecrate: Fallen enemies drop health orbs and are also visible to Nekros on their respawn.
  • Shadows of the Dead: Does not raise shadows, instead it reduces the respawn timer of Nekros and his teammates to 0.

  • Fire Walker: Movement speed is increased by 10%, deals a Heat b Heat status proc to enemies.
  • Blazing Chakram: Hurls a flaming ring that burns enemies and causes them to emit a healing blast on death. 125 health per kill in 10m range. Reactivate to instantly teleport to the rings location.
  • Warding Halo: 255 damage absorb, 80 damage per second is dealt to enemies standing in 2m range.
  • Divine Spears: Range is limited to 8m. 175 impale damage, 50 slam damage.

  • Null Star: 12 meter range, 10 damage per particle, 3 particles per cast. Drains enemy's energy on hit. Cannot pick up energy while you have particles orbiting you.
  • Antimatter Drop: 4x damage absorb, 6 meter explosion.
  • Worm Hole: 16 second duration, 20 meter range.
  • Molecular Prime: 50% slow for 8 seconds, 200 damage explosion over 4 meters if killed.

  • Mind Control: The target cannot harm Nyx, as well as capture or steal Cephalons. Sees opponents as teammates and teammates as opponents. Additionally, the target doesn't see the enemy symbols above the enemies' heads. Nyx' allies cannot see the enemy icon on the affected target as well, but the mind control particle effects are visible. 6s duration.
  • Psychic Bolts: Fires 6 bolts. 34 damage.
  • Chaos: The affected targets see all of their allies marked as enemies, enabling friendly fire. 20 sec duration, 20m range.
  • Absorb: Nyx absorbs all incoming damage and channels that energy into an explosive radial discarge. 12m range.

  • Smite: Deals 50 damage and creates 3 orbs that deal 10 damage each to targets within 12 meters. 60 meter cast range.
  • Hallowed Ground: gives 1000% armor to allies (-78.8% damage on Oberon) and deals 100 radiation per second to enemies. 20 second duration.
  • Renewal: Heals you and allies for 75 plus 20/second for 10 seconds. 5 energy drain per second.
  • Reckoning: 230 damage over 8 meters, 4 second blind on survivors

  • Rhino Charge: Does not provide immunity to damage mid-cast. 8m range, 150 damage.
  • Iron Skin: Will slowly decay after a short period of time. 412 absorb, 1 second invulnerability after cas.
  • Roar: 1.5x damage multiplier to Rhino and allies within 10m. 20 second duration and longer cast time.
  • Rhino Stomp: Does not suspend Tenno, but staggers them with a slowdown in the victim's movements. 8m range, 244 damage.

  • Spores: Cast range of 60m. Infects the target with 2 spores. Spores deal 5 Viral b Viral damage per second. When a spore is popped, 5 damage is dealt in a 10m area and 2 spores are spread to each affected enemy.
  • Molt: Shed skin attracts projectiles in 2 meters range. Has 400 health and 12 sec duration. Deals 50 damage within 6m if it is destroyed, expires or when Saryn activates Molt while the current one is still active.
  • Toxic Lash: 1.25x Melee damage multiplier. Blocking becomes 40% more effective. 30s duration.
  • Miasma: 19 damage per second, deals additional damage to enemies under Toxin and Viral effects. 2 second duration, 8m range.

  • Spellbind: Opponents are forced to equip their melee weapons, nearby allies become immune to status effects. 20m range, 6m radius, 8s duration.
  • Tribute: Staggers an opponent and reduces their damage. 25m range, 12s debuff duration. Deals 67 damage.
  • Lantern: ????
  • Razorwing: Shrink down and switch into archwing mode with a different weapon set, while 3 razorfly drones attack nearby enemies. 65 damage per shot, 160 damage per melee hit. Drones deal 50 damage.

  • Well Of Life: 20% lifesteal when attacking target, 100 max heal. 10 second duration, 16 meter range.
  • Energy Vampire: 16 meter range, 40 energy over 10 seconds (to both teams?).
  • Link: Redirects 40% damage taken to up to 3 enemies within 8 meters. 15 second duration.
  • Blessing: Heals allies by 80% and grants damage reduction based on the amount healed for 10 seconds.

  • Rip Line: Enemies hit are knocked down and dealt 30 damage. If it hits terrain, Valkyr is pulled to towards the hooks location. 26m range.
  • Warcry: 50% armor increase. Valkyrs and nearby allies melee attack speed is increased by 30%. Nearby enemies movement speed is decreased by 15%. 12m range.
  • Paralysis: No change.
  • Hysteria: Vastly increased mobility, speed and damage with 17% lifesteal. Provides damage resistance instead of invulnerability.

  • Tesla: Mines deal 60 damage up to two times to enemies within 6 meters. Can be destroyed by opponent weapons and only two can be deployed at any one time.
  • Minelayer: Bounce knocks enemies horizontally away from it. Trip Laser places two lasers, one on top of the other. Shred ?????. Concuss ?????.
  • Bastille: Slows enemies within 8 meters for 12 seconds.
  • Vortex: Drags in enemies within 6 meters, deals 75 damage per second for 8 seconds.

  • Shock: Deals 30 damage to up to 3 targets. 10m range.
  • Speed: Only affects Volt. 3 second duration, 35% movement and attack speed increase.
  • Electric Shield: No change.
  • Overload: 100 damage diminishing over 8 meters, 3 second duration. Affected enemies shock approaching enemies within 4m.

  • Iron Jab: Knocks down the first enemy hit in a 10m line and deals 40 damage.
  • Defy: Escape death by receiving a boost of health and brief invulnerability when killed.
  • Cloud Walker: ?????
  • Primal Fury: Deals 144 damage per hit, 20% melee range bonus.

  • Tail Wind: Deals 50 damage within 2 meters of Zephyrs path.
  • Dive Bomb: Propels Zephyr into the ground and deals 40 damage in a 6m area.
  • Turbulence: Deflects all incoming projectiles for 6 seconds.
  • Tornado: Each tornado deals 45 damage per second for 10 seconds. 4 tornadoes appear in a 10m area.


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Restrictions on Mod choice is also applied. The Conclave Syndicate also sells a variety of PvP exclusive Mods for players with sufficient Standings. Mods can also be obtained from defeating Conculysts and Battalysts, as well as being rewards from Conclave matches.

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