The Pyrotechnic Ogris is a modified Ogris weapon used by Grineer Napalms that fires slow moving spheres of fire instead of Missiles. Although slow moving, the explosion AoE of these spheres of fire is quite large, hitting players from 10 meters or more from the impact region and is not blocked by any object (can hit through most walls and Frost's Snow Globe). Has a chance to inflict a burn proc for 6 seconds which will set players on fire dealing large amounts of damage while keeping shields from recharging.

The Pyrotechnic Ogris uses the pre-update 12.6 model of the Torid, and may be a placeholder until a new weapon or weapon model comes out to replace it.

The Tusk Bombard, who was released in Update 22: Plains of Eidolon, is equipped with a updated model of the Pyrotechnic Ogris, similar to the normal Ogris.


  • Napalm Wielding The Modified Ogris

Patch HistoryEdit

  • Introduced along with the Napalm.

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