A customized version of the Quanta, with metallic finish and Lotus decal.

The Quanta Vandal is the Vandal variant of the Quanta mining laser cutter, offered as a reward for attaining a minimum of 1,500 points in the Operation False Profit event. It features a larger magazine size, higher status chance and increased Alternate Fire damage output over the original.


This weapon deals Electricity b Electricity damage, and Blast b Blast damage on its alt-fire.


  • Innate Electricity b Electricity damage - effective against Machinery and Robotics.
  • Alt-fire has innate Blast b Blast damage - effective against Machinery and Fossilized.
  • Alt-fire lobs a small cube that explodes in a 6 meter radius after a period of time or when hitting an enemy, with a high chance to proc.
    • Attacking the cube before it hits an enemy will prematurely detonate the cube, dealing twice as much damage. 
    • Amount of cubes is limited only by ammunition.
    • Cubes can land reliable headshots by detonating them above targets.
    • Unlike most explosive weapons, Quanta does not deal self-damage.
  • High critical chance.
  • High critical damage multiplier.
  • Very high status chance.
  • Primary fire is pinpoint accurate.
  • Alt-fire has high accuracy.
  • Primary fire is tied with normal Quanta for the longest reach of all range-limited weapons, 50 meters.
  • Consumes 0.5 ammo per tick of damage.
  • Has a Madurai Pol polarity.


  • Innate Electricity b Electricity damage - less effective against Alloy Armor.
  • Innate Blast b Blast damage - less effective against Ferrite Armor.
  • Damage ramps up from 20% to 100% over 0.6 seconds when firing. After firing stops for 0.8 seconds, the damage decays back to 20% over 2 seconds.
  • Low ammo efficiency on alt-fire.
    • Cubes consume 10 rounds per shot.


  • Quanta Vandal, compared to Quanta:
    • Higher base damage (26.0 vs. 20.0)
    • Higher critical chance (22% vs. 16%)
    • Higher critical damage multiplier (2.4x vs. 2.2x)
    • Higher status chance (30% vs. 16%)
    • Larger magazine (80 rounds vs. 60 rounds)
    • Faster reload speed (1.8 s vs. 2 s)
    • Different polarities (Madurai Pol vs. Vazarin Pol)
    • Higher Mastery Rank required (10 vs. 4)


  • This weapon was originally obtained by gaining at least 1,500 points in the Operation False Profit event
  • The Quanta Vandal can be purchased from Baro Ki'Teer in the Concourse section of the Tenno Relay for Credits64300,000 and PrimeBucks450. Note that Baro Ki'Teer's stock changes with each appearance, and this weapon may not be available on a succeeding appearance.
  • This weapon is now tradable as of Hotfix 18.8.1.


  • The primary fire is a single Electricity b Electricity element which combines with other single element mods, and the secondary Blast b Blast does not. Quanta can carry a variety of elemental effects.
  • As with all Event weapons, the Quanta Vandal comes with its own weapon slot and a pre-installed Orokin Catalyst. When purchased from Baro Ki'Teer, however, the weapon comes with neither.
  • Heavy Caliber will not affect the accuracy of the primary fire as badly as it does on other continuous weapons, but multishot will affect the secondary fire by launching the cubes at noticeably different angles.
  • Terminal Velocity will increase the flight speed of the cube and the distance it travels before it comes to a complete stop.


  • Cubes will immediately explode when impacting the following surfaces, allowing instant high damage to enemies:


  • This is the sixth Vandal weapon to be released.


  • Quanta Vandal in Codex.

Quanta Vandal Skins

Patch HistoryEdit

Update 22.14
  • Fixed Beam weapons not being able to damage enemies (alive but in a ragdolled state) when being affected by certain ‘crowd control’ Abilities.
  • Damage now ramps up over 0.6 seconds and after moving off target there is a delay of 0.8 seconds before it starts to decay over 2 seconds.
  • All Beam weapons now start their Damage ramp up at 20% (instead of 10%).
  • The Multishot chance should now apply more consistently with Beam weapons.
  • Fixed Beam weapons continuously firing when quick Meleeing.

Hotfix 22.13.4

  • Increased the Beam weapon Damage ramp up time from 0.8 to 1 second.
  • Fixed Beam weapon Damage ramp up not happening per target.

Hotfix 22.13.3

  • Perfect accuracy and high fire rate is balanced by limited range and damage ramping up from 10% to 100% over 0.8 seconds when firing and decays back to 10% over 1 second after stopping.
  • MR increased from 4 to 10
  • Damage changed from 220 Electricity per sec to 26 Electricity per tick
  • Fire rate increased from 1 to 12.
  • Status chance increased from 25 to 30%.
  • Critical chance increased from 10 to 22%.
  • Crit multiplier increased from 2.0 to 2.4x.
  • Reload speed increased from 2.0 to 1.8s.
  • Magazine size lowered from 100 to 80.
  • Max ammo increased from 540 to 560.
  • Alt Fire Explosion Radius increased from 5m to 6m
  • Alt Fire Explosion Damage increased from 500 to 600
  • Ammo consumption decreased from 1.0 to 0.5 per tick of damage

See AlsoEdit

  • Quanta, the original version of this weapon.
  • Mutalist Quanta, the hybrid Infested version of the original weapon.
  • Paracyst, the fully Infested version of the original weapon.
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