Quick Thinking

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Polarity D
Rarity Rare
Dropped by Corrupted Ancient

Quick Thinking drains Energy to stop lethal damage.


Rank Effect Cost Conclave
0 40% 10 C50
1 80% 11 C50
2 120% 12 C55
3 160% 13 C60
4 200% 14 C65
5 240% 15 C70


  • Will not prevent self-inflicted lethal damage.
  • As of Update 11.1.0, Quick Thinking will keep your health at 2 and use your remaining energy to keep you alive from incoming damage. The efficiency will go up with the mod's level.
    • Rage will still grant you energy taken to your health until you reach 2 hp (filling up your energy pool), at which point the mod will stop giving energy (as you are not taking health damage) and Quick Thinking will take over, using your Energy pool as a buffer against your remaining 2 hp. Once losing energy, you will go beyond the 2 hp and die. 
  • Unknown if damage taken from Energy is direct, or is reduced by your armor level as if dealing health damage directly.


  • Use Flow to increase your energy buffer.
  • Ancient Disruptor will instantly set energy to 0 for several seconds making this mod useless. Rage will not help in this case.
  • Energy Siphon aura can help regain lost energy. Upgrade this mod for more efficiency


  • Prior to Update 11.1.0, it could be combined with Rage, to convert energy to health for your Warframe many times in a row with 96% efficiency.


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