The Quickdraw mod increases the reloading speed of a pistol by 8% per rank for a maximum of 48% at rank 5.


Rank Effect Cost Conclave
0 +8% 2 C3
1 +16% 3 C3
2 +24% 4 C3
3 +32% 5 C4
4 +40% 6 C4
5 +48% 7 C5


  • The calculation of reload time using reload speed is Base Reload Time/(1+ Reload Speed Bonus)
  • At max rank, expect a 33% reduction to reload times. 1/(1 + 0.48) ~ (2/3 of original reload speed)
  • Stacking this with Stunning Speed should reduce reload times by 47% (or 53% of base reload speed)
  • May cause a bug to occur, where the sidearm seems to reload infinitely.



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