More than just a broker, Rana is a hostile customer relations specialist. When investors refuse to pay their debts, they can look forward to a visit from her.

Behavior Edit

  • Rana Del will fire her modified Glaxion to a player that continuously dealing damage up to range 32m.
    • His modified Glaxion cannot inflict Cold b Cold proc.
    • This may be troublesome at higher levels if not get away from her or kill her as soon as possible.
  • If the player is getting closer to her (in radius ~10m), she will perform a powerful ground slam that inflicts Electricity b Electricity damage, as well as the proc.
  • She sometimes deploy Numo Traps if she's not engaging in combat to a player. The trap will active for ~8 seconds and within radius 5m. Upon explode, it will deal Impact b Impact damage.
    • When active, it will pull nearby players to it, but not impossible to escape by moving quickly.
    • The trap works similar to Vauban's Vortex, but not causing players to ragdoll and not causing damage during pulled into them.
  • Like Dru Pesfor, she will dodge if the player is aiming or targeting to her.

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