The Ratel is a small, quadrupedal drone deployed by Sniper Crewmen from electrical fabrication pads, and typically appear in packs of 4. They attack by chasing the player and firing a small electrical beam, pursuing their targets if they leave their attack range.


  • A single fabrication pad will be formed after the Crewman tosses it, which will spawn up to four Ratels at time unless the pad is destroyed, or the duration of the pad is up.
    • The pad will spawn additional Ratels if others are killed, but never more than four Ratels can be out at any given time per pad.
  • When spawned from a Mind Controlled Sniper Crewman, they will continue to be allied to the tenno even after the Crewman dies. This is because the pads themselves are spawned as allies to the tenno, and thus their spawns are as well.
    • They can also be Mind Controlled on their own as well.
    • They can also be spawned from Sniper Crewmen Specters.
    • While still limited to only 4 Ratel at a time, this provides additional distraction and support for players, similar to Mind Controlled Drahk Masters or even Brood Mothers.
  • When they do not detect enemies nearby, they will stay in one spot and do an animation that involves them using their front ski-like legs to bounce as well as shaking their heads.
  • Similar to the Infested pods from Boilers, unless destroyed immediately after being placed the pads will still spawn a Ratel.
  • Their spawning pads cannot be damaged by area of effect abilities, like Sandstorm or Sound Quake.
  • Ratel spawned by an Irradiated Sniper Crewman will still be allied to the Corpus.


  • Keeping with the theme of most Corpus proxies being named after animals, the ratel (otherwise known as the honey badger) is a member of the weasel family that is notorious for its ferocity, attacking much larger prey animals or even rival predator species.

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