Reach increases the range of a melee weapon's attacks, except Glaive (Prime), Kestrel, and Halikar's thrown-distance (they can hit enemies more easily, though, because the projectile can reach a greater swath). Reach also increases the range at which Sentinels can attack enemies if installed on a Sentinel Weapon.


Rank Effect Cost
0 15% 4
1 30% 5
2 45% 6
3 60% 7


  • This mod does not increase the radius of slam attacks.
  • This mod does not increase the range limit of all thrown melees, but instead grants said weapon a larger hitbox.


  • The effects of Reach are not seen in the energy trails that appear while swinging a weapon, but the trails themselves determine which angles would the attacks land as the new range of the equipped weapon.
  • Can be installed on the Helios' Deconstructor to extend its attack range.


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