Reactor Sabotage 2.0 was introduced in Update 18.5 to replace the sabotage that takes place on the Grineer Galleon and Corpus Ship tilesets. In this mode, the player must sabotage the two coolant stations of the reactor before destroying the reactor itself using either the fuel cell or the coolant cells collected. There are also three supply caches that could be found during the mission, much like other variants of Sabotage.

Method Edit

Phase One: Sabotage Coolant Edit

There are two coolant rooms located within the ship, each containing a coolant station within which a coolant cell is installed. This coolant cell can either be destroyed or extracted. If any sort of alarm is triggered within the room by tripping a defensive laser or barrier, the coolant will be locked in place and cannot be extracted, only destroyed. Once the coolant is removed or destroyed the reactor will automatically deactivate to prevent damaging itself.

Phase Two: Sabotage ReactorEdit

After performing whatever action is required from the two coolant stations, the reactor core within the main reactor room will become accessible, and a fuel cell will be shown ejected from the reactor's insertion port. The reactor can then be sabotaged in one of three different ways, each causing its own environmental hazard.


If the fuel cell is reinserted into the reactor core and the reactor is reactivated, the player must then destroy the emergency fuel injectors that become exposed on the reactor. After this is done, the ship will immediately start overheating, creating various sources of Heat b Heat damage throughout the ship, capable of burning both the player and enemies alike. A blast door will be activated between the player's location and extraction, requiring them to hack a console in order to release the lockdown and escape. The fire hazard will steadily spread throughout the ship after the reactor is sabotaged, and after a few minutes the Lotus will warn players that the reactor is close to criticality, at which point a timer will be displayed counting down to its final detonation, and mission failure if the players do not extract.


If a coolant cell from the coolant stations is inserted into the reactor core and the reactor is reactivated, the player will have to defend four coolant pipes within the center of the reactor room as the reactor decays. Once the decay has reached 100%, the ship will experience numerous coolant leaks, manifesting as patches of ice that appears all over the ship. If touched, this ice will apply Cold b Cold procs that drastically slow the player or any of the enemies. However, this coolant leak will not reduce shields, unlike the environmental hazard.


If the fuel cell is inserted into a coolant station and the reactor is reactivated, the player will have to ensure that reactor's control console will not be accessed while the reactor erodes. Unlike the Freezing method there will be no waves of attackers. Unless alerts are on, it is usually enough to just eliminate nearby patrols and proceed towards the possible extraction route.

After this, the ship will experience lowered gravity along with numerous magnetic fields which, when approached, will pull players towards them and apply a Magnetic b Magnetic proc on contact. They also tend to activate nearby turrets. These bubbles can be temporarily disrupted for 12 seconds by Electricity b Electric or Magnetic b Magnetic damage, or by the Operator Mode's Void Beam, making them explode and deal Electricity b Electric damage to all nearby units.

Similar to the Overheating method, the player will have to find an access console and hack it in order to unlock a blast door and extract.

The fuel cell can only be placed in a coolant receptacle that had its cell removed; if the coolant cell was destroyed, the fuel cell cannot be placed in it.


View Tiered Locations
Tier Item Planet Sector Faction
Tier 1
Level 5 - 11
Xiphos Fuselage
Mercury Terminus Infestation bInfested
Venus Ishtar IconCorpusBCorpus
Mars Gradivus IconCorpusBCorpus
Tier 2
Level 15 - 26
Xiphos Engines
Saturn Calypso IconGrineerBGrineer
Ceres Thon IconGrineerBGrineer
Void Stribog * IconOrokinBOrokin
Tier 3
Level 32 - 45
Xiphos Avionics
Pluto Cypress IconCorpusBCorpus
Sedna Kelpie IconGrineerBGrineer
Kuva Fortress Dakata * IconGrineerBGrineer
Void Marduk * IconOrokinBOrokin

* Note that while the Void and Kuva Fortress missions aren't specifically Reactor Sabotage, they still give the same Xiphos part as their respective tiers.


The three Resource Caches that can be found in this mission type can reward resources, credits and Endo with the amount depending on mission tier and number of caches found. If all caches are discovered, it is possible for one of the rewards in the final cache to be a Xiphos part or Nitain Extract.

View Reactor Sabotage Cache Rewards List

First Cache Second Cache Third Cache
Credits64 1000 Credit Cache 25% Endo64 45 Endo 12.65% Blueprint2 Xiphos Fuselage Blueprint 0.5%
Credits64 1500 Credit Cache 25% Endo64 75 Endo 12.65% Endo64 80 Endo 15.1%
Credits64 2000 Credit Cache 25% Endo64 150 Endo 12.65% Endo64 150 Endo 15.1%
Credits64 2500 Credit Cache 25% Endo64 240 Endo 1.01% Endo64 160 Endo 5.5%
Endo64 250 Endo 22.11% ArgonCrystal64 Argon Crystal 0.67%
Endo64 400 Endo 1.01% Gallium64 Gallium 15.1%
AlloyPlate64 750 Alloy Plate 12.65% Gallium64 2 Gallium 5.5%
Circuits64 750 Circuits 12.65% Morphics64 Morphics 15.1%
PolymerBundle64 240 Polymer Bundle 12.65% Morphics64 2 Morphics 5.5%
Neurode64 Neurodes 15.1%
Neurode64 2 Neurodes 5.5%
DENitainExtract Nitain Extract 0.67%
Tellurium64 Tellurium 0.67%


Up to date as of Update 22.0

First Cache Second Cache Third Cache
Credits64 2500 Credit Cache 33.33% Endo64 75 Endo 12.65% Blueprint2 Xiphos Engines Blueprint 0.5%
Credits64 3000 Credit Cache 33.33% Endo64 80 Endo 12.65% Endo64 80 Endo 15.1%
Credits64 4000 Credit Cache 33.33% Endo64 150 Endo 12.65% Endo64 150 Endo 15.1%
Endo64 240 Endo 11.06% Endo64 240 Endo 4.4%
Endo64 250 Endo 11.06% ArgonCrystal64 Argon Crystal 1%
Endo64 400 Endo 1.01% Gallium64 Gallium 15.1%
Endo64 640 Endo 1.01% Gallium64 2 Gallium 4.4%
Plastids64 300 Plastids 12.65% Neurode64 Neurodes 15.1%
PolymerBundle64 300 Polymer Bundle 12.65% Neurode64 2 Neurodes 4.4%
Rubedo64 350 Rubedo 12.65% DENitainExtract Nitain Extract 1%
OrokinCell64 Orokin Cell 15.1%
OrokinCell64 2 Orokin Cell 4.4%
Tellurium64 Tellurium 4.4%


Up to date as of Update 22.0

First Cache Second Cache Third Cache
Credits64 4000 Credit Cache 38.72% Endo64 75 Endo 12.65% Blueprint2 Xiphos Avionics Blueprint 0.5%
Credits64 5000 Credit Cache 38.72% Endo64 80 Endo 12.65% Endo64 80 Endo 12.58%
Credits64 10000 Credit Cache 22.56% Endo64 150 Endo 12.65% Endo64 150 Endo 12.58%
Endo64 240 Endo 11.06% Endo64 240 Endo 12.58%
Endo64 400 Endo 11.06% Endo64 400 Endo 3.67%
Endo64 640 Endo 2.01% ArgonCrystal64 Argon Crystal 3.67%
Circuits64 400 Circuits 12.65% Gallium64 Gallium 12.58%
Plastids64 300 Plastids 12.65% Gallium64 2 Gallium 3.67%
Rubedo64 400 Rubedo 12.65% Neurode64 Neurodes 12.58%
Neurode64 2 Neurodes 3.67%
DENitainExtract Nitain Extract 2%
OrokinCell64 Orokin Cell 12.58%
OrokinCell64 2 Orokin Cell 3.67%
Tellurium64 Tellurium 3.67%


Up to date as of Update 22.0

Affinity rewards scale with mission level and are given for extracting a core (but not for destroying it) and upon completing the objective of each phase of the sabotage. Finding a resource cache additionally rewards half the mission's objective affinity.

View Reactor Sabotage Affinity Rewards
Planet Sector Objective Core Extraction Cache Total Possible
Mercury Terminus 1750 750 875 5875
Venus Ishtar 1525 675 762 5161
Mars Gradivus 1750 750 875 5875
Saturn Calypso 3610 1370 1805 11765
Ceres Thon 4000 1500 2000 13000
Void Stribog
Pluto Cypress 4000 1500 2000 13000
Sedna Kelpie 4000 1500 2000 13000
Void Marduk


  • Arrows will be pulled towards the magnetic anomalies.
  • Targeting a magnetic anomaly with the Operator Mode's Void Beam will also temporarily disrupt the anomaly.
  • If a fuel cell is placed in a coolant cell receptacle, this can be overridden by placing a coolant cell in the fuel receptacle. This will cause the mission to continue to the cooling phase.
    • However, if you run the coolant option and successfully defend the Core Pipes, you can then proceed to place the fuel cell in the coolant receptacle, which will then add the magnetic anomalies. It is unknown whether this is a bug or not.
  • It is possible to destroy the reactor´s fuel injectors with remote detonation weapons such as the Castanas, Talons or Penta, provided that a player witnesses the explosion. Should there be no player present during the explosion, the explosion will not affect the fuel injectors and the cell will have to backtrack and destroy the injectors.


  • If the fuel cell is placed in a coolant cell receptacle and the console is hacked, it is possible to put the coolant cell in the fuel receptacle and hack the console again to trigger both cooling and magnetizing environment hazards.
  • It is possible to pass blast door before it closes due to the timer. In that case you have to backtrack to trigger it again, since you would not be able to evacuate without doing so.

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