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Rejuvenation is an Aura that regenerates all team members' health every second.


Rank Effect Cost Conclave
0 +0.5 -2* C1
1 +1 -3* C1
2 +1.5 -4* C1
3 +2 -5* C1
4 +2.5 -6* C1
5 +3 -7* C1

* Aura mods increase the amount of Mod Power


  • Can be stacked with other teammates' for a total of 12 health regen per second in a typical 4-person Cell, or 24 health per second in an 8-person raid.
  • Will regenerate the health of Sentinels and Kubrows and the members of the faction players side with.
  • Excavators will also benefit from the aura's regeneration, as Excavators cannot recover health on their own.


  • This mod is extremely useful in Nightmare mode:
    • In the "No shield" challenge you will be able to gradually recover from health damage.
    • The Vampiric Drain challenge does not count as damage and will not reset the rejuvenation counter, allowing you to regen health to counteract the draining. Note that the drain is a % of your total health, while the rejuvenation is a constant value. Thus, depending on your total health, rejuvenation may or may not entirely counter the effects of Vampiric Drain.


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