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The Rending Strike mod adds an additional 20% Puncture b Puncture per rank and 15% Slash b Slash per rank for a maximum of 80% and 60% at rank 3, respectively.


Rank Slash Damage Puncture Damage Cost Conclave
0 +15% +20% 6 C5
1 +30% +40% 7 C5
2 +45% +60% 8 C8
3 +60% +80% 9 C10



  • Previously, the in-game description of this mod incorrectly stated:
    "Convert 15% of energy used to Bonus Damage on next Melee Attack. Store up to +0.2 Bonus Damage"
    This was fixed in Update 9.3.
  • Rending Strike used to give a bonus of 60% more Charge damage alongside its Puncture b Puncture damage, but since Update 13.0 removed Charge attacks, it has been replaced with Slash b Slash damage.
  • This is the only physical damage mod that increases two damage types instead of one.


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