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For the older variant, see Rescue 1.0.

Preceded by
Rescue 1.0 since Update 13.2.4

Rescue Missions (ver: 2.0) require Tenno to locate and escort a hostage from a brig to extraction without alerting the base's security.


On Grineer and Corpus rescue missions, the objective is to free the hostage without alerting a group of patrolling Wardens. The hostage is in a room patrolled with Wardens with multiple prison cells, half of which is locked, and the rest hackable; the hostage will be in one of the hackable cells. Alerting a Warden will cause him or her to activate an alarm sequence, this action will call in significant numbers of enemy reinforcements and start the execution timer; failing to rescue the target within the time limit will kill the hostage and fail the mission.

On Infested rescue missions taking place within Infested Ships, the hostage will be trapped in one of many airlocks, whose doors are covered by Tumor Nodes. Players have to first destroy the Tumor Node covering a door before they can open it to check whether the hostage is inside. Additionally, laser traps will be scattered throughout the room which will make the Tumor Nodes gas the airlock if tripped, resulting in a countdown timer similar to the execution timer for Corpus and Grineer prisons. Tripping a laser trap will also activate large pulsing orbs scattered throughout the rest of the level that reduce shields and drain energy upon contact, identical to those initiated when killing a Pulsing Infested Hive during a Hive Sabotage mission, potentially making the mission more dangerous.


Rescue missions feature a large tile that serves as the map's Prison Complex. Inside this tile is the actual cell block, which holds the cells the prisoners are jailed in. This cell block is normally accessible via a large frontal gate, which has to be hacked in order to be opened, all while possessing a significant number of static defenses like Arc Traps or Laser Barriers and Turrets. The complex will also see a number of patrolling Wardens and other enemy units.

The prison complex features many hidden pathways, tunnels and raised catwalks that can be used to hide from patrolling enemies, but requiring parkour to reach. Additionally, the cell block itself can be accessed via said alternate paths, bypassing the need to breach the large frontal gate.

Currently Rescue is only featured on four map tiles: the Grineer Shipyard, Corpus Ship, Corpus Outpost and the Infested Ship tilesets.

Hostage behaviorEdit

Once the hostage is free, the hostage will follow about 10 to 15 meters behind the Tenno closest to extraction, occasionally taking advantage of cover. If said Tenno is on an elevator, the hostage will usually get onto the elevator instead of lagging behind. His speed is just about equal to most Tenno.

If a hostage's health is depleted, they will be downed in a bleed-out state not unlike what happens to Tenno, giving several seconds with which players can revive the hostage. If equipped with a sidearm, the hostage will shoot any nearby enemies while downed. Failing to revive the hostage when the bleed-out period expires will result in the hostage dying, resulting in mission failure.  

The hostage tends to get stuck on obstacles such as short pathways and boxes. If freeing the hostage is impossible, a recommended course of action is to blaze to extraction as fast as possible, making sure to kill every enemy in the way. The hostage must simply be alive at the moment when the Tenno reach extraction; it is unnecessary for the hostage to be at extraction for the mission to complete.

The hostage is unarmed by the time they are released from their cell. Players may give them their secondary weapon if they had one, and players may also take back their secondary weapon from the hostage. Enemies also tend to not attack the hostage intentionally as long as Tenno are near. The hostage has a decent personal shield and health and will usually survive any stray fire that the Tenno dodge. Like other NPCs, the hostage cannot take advantage of health orbs.

Armed hostages prefer to attack enemies and take cover rather than follow as much as possible, so arming them may or may not be in your best interests depending on the faction you are rescuing them from. Still, they can prove to be dangerously effective with weapons such as the Twin Vipers or the Angstrum.


Besides normal mission rewards, players are rewarded with Specter blueprints upon completing the mission, with the specter type dependent on their performance scores; one point for rescuing the hostage, one point for killing all the wardens present in the holding cells and one point for not setting off the execution alarm. Below are the only known missions to rewards Specter blueprints.

Points Easy Rewards
Mars, Vallis
Saturn, Numa
Medium Rewards
Eris, Brugia
Uranus, Mab
Hard Rewards
Neptune, Nereid
Ceres, Cinxia
Nightmare Rewards
As it Occurs
1 None Vapor Specter BP Phase Specter BP Force Specter BP
2 Vapor Specter BP Phase Specter BP Force Specter BP Cosmic Specter BP
3 Phase Specter BP Force Specter BP Cosmic Specter BP Cosmic Specter BP

Specters are deployable, single use tenno holograms equipped with gear chosen by the player, which can either simply lend a hand in difficult missions, or be lent to clan's to be added to regiments to aid against Solar Rail conflicts.


  • Occasionally, one of the cells will contain a hostile Infested Charger, Runner or Leaper.
  • Wardens can only be found within the Prison Complex, and cannot be alerted by events that occur outside of it. This includes map-wide alerts and other loud noises.
  • In the Infested Ship tileset, the alarms will sound if anything touches the laser emitter scattered across the prison complex, including enemies.


  • Corpus Prison Complex
  • Grineer Prison Complex
  • Infested Prison Complex
  • Corpus Outpost Prison Complex.

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