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Research is the process of using materials to create interesting and unique weapons and items. The Oracle Room must be built before any of the labs can be built and research can begin. Each lab room represents a separate area of research for different types of weapons and items. All projects will take 1.5 days or 36 hours to research, as no project can be rushed for platinum. Once research is complete, Tenno will be able to purchase the Blueprints from the Respective Lab.

Research costs will vary, depending on the clan tier. Ghost, Shadow, Storm, Mountain, and Moon clans must contribute amounts scaled to their membership caps. Note that this is not always the case for some researches and may differ. Resources below are the lowest denomination, as seen in Ghost clans. For bigger clans, follow these multipliers:

  • Ghost: Base Requirement (Not Multiplied)
  • Shadow: 3 Times
  • Storm: 10 Times
  • Mountain: 30 Times
  • Moon: 100 Times

Quick Research SetupEdit

Note: with current mechanics, at least as recent as u16, this setup as explained is not possible. Several rooms, as presented, would overlap other rooms, which is not an available option.

To setup the ability to research all projects you need the following:

The method posted previously does not take into account that certain rooms take up more space (not capacity) than others and therefore can't be placed in certain locations. It's possible to create a complete Dojo with the material requirements listed above but some of the rooms need to be moved around. I've contstructed this Dojo myself and tested that all the placements shown here are valid. Please forgive my terrible Paint skills!

Starting with a Clan Hall (black):

  1. (Purple) Build a Reactor and Cross Hallway
  2. (Blue) Build two more Cross Hallways and an Elevator (optional)
  3. (Green) Build two more Reactors, two T Hallways, and an Oracle
  4. (Orange) Build all the Labs attached to the remaining nodes.

Note that the Orokin Lab is the only Lab that can't fit in the bottom node of the second/third Cross Hallways

Clan Map-0
Resource Required for Buildings (Ghost Tier) as of 15.16
Salvage64 Salvage 22,750
Circuits64 Circuits 10,150
PolymerBundle64 Polymer Bundle 2,100
NanoSpores64 Nano Spores 7,200
Ferrite64 Ferrite 2,100
AlloyPlate64 Alloy Plate 3,450
Forma64 Forma 15
Credits64 Credits 20,500
Total Resource Required (Moon Tier)[Inaccurate]
Salvage64 Salvage 455,000
Circuits64 Circuits 175,000
PolymerBundle64 Polymer Bundle 140,000
NanoSpores64 Nano Spores 240,000
Ferrite64 Ferrite 70,000
AlloyPlate64 Alloy Plate 15,000
Forma64 Forma 7
Credits64 Credits 550,000


  • Research is not lost when destroying a lab, and researched items will still be unlocked upon re-making the lab.
  • Each Lab has holograms or models of its respective faction's weapons except the Chemical lab contains the Acrid.


  • Sometimes the game shows +1 than the real value of the resources to do a research.(Sample: 250 rubedo appear as 251 rubedo) You do not need to put that extra one.
    • In addition, some values appear to double or even triple in amount to do a research (Sample: 
      Warframe Research bug

      Bugged interface for the Supra.

      Research on Supra requires 10,000 Credits; it will appear in the game as 1,000,000 Credits instead.) The intended amount of resources needed to research something does not change. (Confirmed on PlayStation 4)

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