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The Retribution mod grants a chance to damage enemies with Electricity b Electricity damage when they strike a Warframe in melee.


Rank Effect Cost Conclave
0 +15% 6 C3
1 +30% 7 C3
2 +45% 8 C4
3 +60% 9 C5


  • At maximum rank, the mod will inflict 80 Electricity b Electricity damage with an approximately 10% Status Chance.
  • In a duel, this mod at maxed rank can inflict 80-360 damage to attacking melee players.
  • This does extra damage to factions who have weaknesses to electrical damage such as the Corpus.
  • When an enemy is stunned, for a short period of time a finisher/stealth prompt will pop up, which allows the player to execute a counterattack finisher, similar to that performed by a parrying counterattack.
  • Cannot activate if blocking with a melee weapon.
  • Will not activate if the player is not taking damage to shields, i.e. abilities like Iron Skin and Hysteria will prevent Retribution from activating.


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