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Polarity D
Rarity Rare
Dropped by Grineer Shield Lancer
The Retribution mod grants a chance to damage enemies with damage when they strike a Warframe in melee.


Rank Effect Cost Conclave
0 15% 6 C3
1 30% 7 C3
2 45% 8 C4
3 60% 9 C5


  • In a duel, this mod at maxed rank can inflict 80-360 damage to attacking melee players. It seems the damage is not increased by charged attacks. This was tested with Furax and Gram, with normal and charged attacks. Works with Glaive and Kestrel throw.
  • This does extra damage to factions who have weaknesses to electrical damage such as the Corpus.
  • Can be obtained through Transmutation. (It is recommended to transmute 4 rare mods)
  • Whenever this mod activates, the unit will be temporarily stunned with electricity damage, for a short period of time a finisher/stealth prompt will pop up, when you perform the prompt, the player will execute a finisher much more different than a normal stealth kill. (note, some weapons cannot perform the finisher prompt)

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