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Rhino is a tank Warframe with great crowd control options and tends to work best in a group, however skilled use of his abilities can make him one of the strongest solo Warframes. His high value base armor and shields make Rhino very resilient when compared to other Warframes, meaning both the Armor (Steel Fiber) and Shield (Redirection) mods scale very well for him. Any Health (Vitality) gained makes use of his high armor and allows him to take much more damage before needing to resort to his defensive skills. Clever timing of his abilities can help both Rhino and his team avoid huge amounts of damage, while enabling much more damage to be dealt.

Rhino can take up to 7127/7711 damage: 1290 max shield, 3408 max iron skin, 507/701  max armor, 903 max health ( 2429/3013 effective ( E. health = health * ( 1 + (armor / 300 ) ) ) ) before going down.


Rhino Charge

Sends him dashing forward in a straight line, killing any enemies with low enough health, and knocking down any survivors. This knockdown effect isn't shared by Excalibur's Slash Dash, making it a more useful tool for crowd control. Its un-upgraded range is very low but it scales well at Levels 2 and 3 - especially when combined with the Continuity mod. While it does not deal as much damage as Slash Dash, it is still an energy efficient and useful tool in Rhino's arsenal. A direct charge often results in very little damage, sometimes not even knocking down your target and stops your Charge early. Instead of charging directly at a target or group, aim to charge alongside them, hitting them multiple times for increased damage and knocking them down. If you cannot charge between enemies, jump and charge above them, trampling them into the ground as well as increasing your chance for headshot damage. Just remember that it does not compare to Slash Dash for damage, its knockdown is the key effect. In an energy plentiful mission and/or the Streamline mod the slow base speed of Rhino may encourage its use as a fast mode of transportation, especially as it can be used in mid-air.

Iron Skin

Absorbs up to 1200 incoming damage of all types for Rhino as well as making him immune to: stuns, staggers, and knockdowns, all the while being able to move unhindered. The damage it absorbs increases substantially by upgrading the ability itself and can be increased further by using IntensifyBlind Rage or Transient Fortitude, making it even more efficient when considering the low initial energy cost. Unfortunately, Iron Skin cannot be shared with the team so a Rhino must make sure that he is either tanking, dealing damage/crowd control in a high damage situation, completing an objective or helping to revive downed team members to make best use of this ability. Players protected by Iron Skin can also move through Corpus lasers, allowing team members to pass through. Consider having energy reserves if going into a big fire fight to cast it again if necessary.


A 360° area of effect group buff which increased all the affected team members, including Rhino's, damage output by up to 50%. For the team to be affected by this, they must be located in the affected radius by Roar. Rhino will always be affected. The radius of Roar is questionable, but is thought to be about as large as Rhino Stomp. Unknown if multiple roars from different Rhinos can stack.

Rhino Stomp

The ultimate 360° area of effect 'knockdown' (up to 9 seconds). Enemies remain motionless mid-air, essentially falling in place, all the while they are taking up to 800 damage. Rhino himself is not slowed down after activation, leaving you free to begin carving them up, open fire or make a break for it. A Stomp is a death sentence for the enemies of a competent team but relies on them being aware that the surviving aerial enemies are only temporarily incapacitated and must be targeted. Rhino Stomp is a true crowd control ability. As this works against a lot of bosses this skill is very useful, even at higher levels despite the energy cost. A well timed stomp against a huge group of enemies/boss can buy time for multiple revival, reloading, shield regeneration or simply make a moving target much easier to shoot/melee, if they are left alive by the initial blast.


  • Rhino's base sprint speed is amongst the slowest of the Warframes. Keep this in mind when dealing with impatient teammates playing faster frames or when running from fast-paced enemies such as disgruntled Infested or Corpus Moa. Adding a sprint speed mod (Rush) of 20% or more is usually considered enough to keep up with other players and reduce the frustration from such a slow base speed. The Arcane Vanguard helmet increases Rhino's regular jogging speed as well as his sprint speed in exchange for a small (though noticeable) reduction in power strength and may be considered instead of Rush.
  • While Rhino's role of a tank is helped by his high armor and shield stats eventually he is forced to depend more on Iron Skin and Rhino Stomp than Rhino Charge. Use your energy wisely, instead of spamming Rhino Charge as if you were playing Excalibur and using Slash Dash.
  • Rhino's Rhino Stomp is a real life saver if being swarmed by enemies, since it removes them from combat and gives you the opportunity to take cover, reload, deal damage etc.
  • If deciding between Rhino or Frost, consider what type of tank role do you wish to fulfil. Frost has a higher damage AoE skill and is able to create safe zones for his teammates with Snow Globe but he is otherwise more focused on dispatching a singular target from a static position. However Rhino is more suited to a very mobile and mass crowd control style, using Iron Skin to tank damage and his Charge or Stomp to turn enemies into easy targets.
  • Before engaging massive groups of enemies while having Iron Skin up, consider having at least 50 energy in reserve to use it again if you get into trouble.
  • Rhino is an ideal Warframe for solo boss farming as Stomp gives him a lot of time to burn down a single target with a high sustained DPS weapon such as the Boar, Gorgon, Supra or Sobek (boosted further by Roar) while Iron Skin facilitates getting in range of the boss. Boss battles with multiple phases can also be simplified with a modified version of this technique, where Stomp is only used to 'bypass' more dangerous or annoying phases. However, take note of invincibility frames as Stomp can lock a boss in them and so waste the stasis duration.
  • Due to the above, Rhino is possibly the best choice of a second frame as he is available from a relatively easy early boss despite his amazing utility. 
  • When Rhino Stomp is activated in a very large group of enemies, its effect will have a delay depending on how large the group is. It also appears a bug in U12. If you have steel charge equipped as your aura aura mod, it will decrease damage dealt with the rhino stomp by 60% and ignore power strength mode equipped. Resulting in an average 160 damage at max rank with the stomp.