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Rifle Aptitude increases the Status Chance of Rifles.


Rank Effect Cost Conclave
0 +2.5% 4 C5
1 +5% 5 C5
2 +7.5% 6 C6
3 +10% 7 C8
4 +12.5% 8 C9
5 +15% 9 C10


  • This mod replaced Thunderclap in Update 11.0.
  • This mod grants a multiplicative increase on status chance. For example, a rifle with a 10% status chance and a fully-ranked Rifle Aptitude equipped will only have its status chance increased to 11.5% (10 + (10*0.15)), as opposed to 25% (10+15).


Patch HistoryEdit


  • The mod depicts a Nyx in a position that is not possible in-game.

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