Rime Rounds increases both the Cold b Cold damage and Status Chance of rifles by 15% per rank for a maximum of 60% at rank 3.


Rank Cold Damage Status Chance Cost
0 +15% +15% 4
1 +30% +30% 5
2 +45% +45% 6
3 +60% +60% 7


  • This mod can be acquired as a random end-of mission reward for a successful Spy 2.0 mission with all 3 Data Vaults hacked.
  • Drop Locations (Spy Missions Rotation C):
  • Originally this mod could be acquired from Operation Cryotic Front by scoring more than 1000 points in a single mission.



  • Rime refers to a coating of ice formed on objects when water droplets quickly freeze on a cold object.
  • The mod card shows the Convectrix, which is considered a shotgun, not a rifle.

Patch HistoryEdit

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