Motorized saw fists.

Originally a tool for cutting apart scrap metal or overgrown wildlife, this weapon blends convenience, efficiency, and callous brutality into a single package.

Sanctuary, Update 16.0 teaser site.

The Ripkas are chainsaw fists originally designed for cutting scrap metal and overgrown wildlife, but function well enough for close combat, with decent critical potential and a high ratio of Slash b Slash damage.

This weapon can be sold for Credits645,000

Manufacturing Requirements
Dual Cleavers
Time: 12 hrs
Rush: Platinum64 35
MarketIcon Market Price: Platinum64 175 Blueprint2 Blueprints Price: Credits64 20,000


This weapon deals primarily Slash b Slash damage.


  • High Slash b Slash damage - effective against Infested, Flesh and Cloned Flesh.
  • Good critical chance, ideal for Berserker-related builds.
  • Good status chance.
  • High ground finisher attack damage that attacks multiple times in quick succession, with a high chance of inflicting status effects.
  • Can use the Ripkas-exclusive Hunter's Bonesaw mod.


Weapon LoadoutsEdit



  • Despite the codex entry referring to them as Fists, the Ripkas are in fact Claws.
    • Further confusion may be caused by the Four Riders stance (which features the Ripkas on its stance card), which initially had a version that could be equipped on Fists as well as Claws.
  • Strangely, the Ripkas require the Tenno-made Ankyros to craft, rather than the Grineer-made Furax.
  • While and shortly after attacking, the upper part of the Ripkas' blades will give off a flaming halo effect the color of which is affected by the weapon's energy color.


  • Ripkas in Codex.
  • The Ripkas, as seen in the U16 bundle.
  • Rusty Ripkas Using The Fire Color Pack
  • The Ripkas as it appears within the teaser website.

See alsoEdit

Hunter's Bonesaw, the Ripkas exclusive PvE mod.

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