For the mod, see Rush.

Archwing Rush Missions have you navigate the trench run within the time limit to destroy three Corpus cargo ships before all three escape.

The route to the loading dock contains several Corpus Stasis Mines that will slow your movement when you fly close to them. Shoot these to destroy them before they are in range, avoid them, or build up enough speed to pass by with minimal disruption to your momentum.

The Lotus will announce when you reach the halfway point and when you are close to the loading dock. Compare this to the starting time limit and the current remaining time to gauge your progress along the route.

Upon reaching the loading dock, an objective waypoint will appear on the next Transport to depart. Two small Orbiters floating near the Transport will provide it with a blue shield aura that protects it from damage. Look for electrical links connecting the Orbiters and the Transport, destroy the Orbiters and then the Transport itself.

When the timer is up, if none of the Transports were destroyed, the mission ends in failure. If at least one Transport was destroyed in time, an extraction point appears in the loading dock area. Mission rewards are based on the number of Transports destroyed; one transport destroyed results in rotation A, two in B, and 3 in C.


  • To travel quickly, familiarize yourself with the Archwing Maneuvers for Dashing and Afterburner.
  • Itzal Archwing may help due to its base Flight Speed of 1.20. Blink will teleport you forward saving time and avoiding Corpus Stasis Mine tractor beams.
  • Amesha can negate the Stasis Mine tractor beams with Watchful Swarm, but only if Watchful Swarm is active before you're caught by that tractor beam.
  • Hyperion Thrusters increases Sprint Speed (Flight Speed).
  • Shooting Corpus Stasis Mines while boosting may help.


  • The faster you get to the ships the Corpus Commander will say something different.


View Rewards List

Rotation A Rotation B Rotation C
Endo64 150 Endo 14.29% Endo64 150 Endo 77.44% Endo64 400 Endo 8.6%
FusionCorePackSilversingle Furor 14.29% FusionCorePackSilversingle Blazing Steel 3.76% VoidProjectionsIronD Lith A2 Relic 8.6%
FusionCorePackSilversingle Galvanized Blade 14.29% FusionCorePackSilversingle Cutting Edge 3.76% VoidProjectionsIronD Lith B2 Relic 8.6%
FusionCorePackSilversingle Glacial Edge 14.29% FusionCorePackSilversingle Efficient Transferral 3.76% VoidProjectionsIronD Lith C2 Relic 8.6%
FusionCorePackSilversingle Poisonous Sting 14.29% FusionCorePackSilversingle Extend 3.76% VoidProjectionsIronD Lith N3 Relic 8.6%
FusionCorePackSilversingle Sudden Impact 14.29% FusionCorePackSilversingle Superior Defenses 3.76% VoidProjectionsIronD Lith S7 Relic 8.6%
FusionCorePackSilversingle Tempered Blade 14.29% FusionCorePackSilversingle System Reroute 3.76% VoidProjectionsIronD Lith T1 Relic 8.6%
VoidProjectionsIronD Lith V2 Relic 8.6%
VoidProjectionsIronD Lith V3 Relic 8.6%
FusionCorePackSilversingle Astral Slash 7.52%
FusionCorePackSilversingle Meteor Crash 7.52%
FusionCorePackSilversingle Nebula Bore 7.52%


Up to date as of Update 22.8


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