Saryn is one of the toughest frames possessing very useful abilities which makes her a great melee fighter.

Her abilities deals Toxin b Toxin and Toxin-based combined damage (Viral b Viral for Venom, Toxin b Toxin for Molt and Contagion, Corrosive b Corrosive for Miasma).

Using Vitality and Steel Fiber mods will make her extremely durable (925 health and 55.1% damage reduction) while using Molt to draw fire and Miasma as crowd control makes her very hard to kill even on the long Void runs.



  • Spores is excellent for bosses with shields to prevent them from recovering.
    • This is quite effective against Ambulas since it targets the torso due and, like all MOAs, he takes three times damage on that body part.
  • Sentinels can also pop spores.
    • Equipping a sentinel with the Sweeper weapon increases this chance.
  • Spores that are popped on a target's weak point, like the head, will do extra damage based on the respective damage multiplier.
    • For example, if you pop a spore on an enemy's head, it will deal 50 damage (25 x 2 damage multiplier).
    • Venom's DoT ticks are unaffected by weak spots.
    • AoE damage from popping spores is unaffected by weak spots. Nearby enemies will still only take 25 Viral b Viral damage from popped spores on weak spots.
  • Spores ability shines on the long runs since it have a fair chance of Viral b Viral proc on every tick. That makes possible to permanently halve (unless healed) health of enemy squad.


  • Molt is very useful against regular Infested if placed during a jump - they'll keep attacking it without dealing any damage.


  • When using Miasma, be careful to not get knocked down during the cast animation, as once up again, Saryn will automatically repeat the cast animation, during this repeat animation she will take damage as normal, leaving you extremely vulnerable.