The Second Wind mod gives Stamina when an enemy is killed using Channeling, at the cost of Channeling efficiency.


Rank Stamina Per Kill Channeling Efficiency Cost Conclave
0 +5 -10% 2 C3
1 +10 -20% 3 C3
2 +15 -30% 4 C3
3 +20 -40% 5 C4
4 +25 -50% 6 C4
5 +30 -60% 7 C5


  • Added in Update 10.0.
  • Enemies must be killed with a Channeled strike to receive stamina.
  • Can also be triggered when enemies die from reflected damage due to the Reflection mod (while Channeling)
  • Helpful in mitigating Stamina costs for heavy weapons like the Galatine, when modded with stances like Cleaving Whirlwind. Also useful for Dual weapons like the Dual Zoren that consume stamina quickly.
  • Removed in Update 17.0 along with stamina.



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