BansheeSonicBoom Seismic Shockwave HeavyGunnerStomp
Hitting the ground with a charged punch, the strike discharges the energy inside creating air turbulence and tremors around it.
5 Meters
Used by:
Heavy Gunner
Corpus Target
Grineer Target
Tyl Regor
Kela De Thaym
Blitz Eximus
Bailiff Defector

  • Users of this ability can knock enemies down in a spherical radius of 5 meters, this affects both ground and mid-air targets.
  • A Grineer Heavy can use this ability once every 17 seconds, if an enemy gets close during the cooldown, the Heavy will tackle that enemy.
  • Does not leave any actual cosmetic changes to the environment (such as tremors, holes or cracks).

  • It is not advised to remain too long near a Grineer Heavy during the ability's cooldown, as tackles are powerful enough to rip shields by half to a fully modded Warframe.

  • Enemies under the animation of the cast can be interrupted by death or knockbacks. If knocked-back, recovered units will continue casting this ability.
  • Standing close enough to an enemy casting the ability can cause it to harmlessly pass through the Warframe.

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