The Seismic Wave mod increases the ground slam damage of melee weapons.


Rank Effect Cost
0 +50% 6
1 +100% 7
2 +150% 8
3 +200% 9


  • This mod increases the ground slam damage by 200%, allowing ground slams to deal threefold their usual damage.
  • Seismic Wave also increases the damage dealt by slam attacks performed via Stance Combos.
  • With the rework of Kela De Thaym in Update 18.10, there is currently no enemy that drops Seismic Wave.
  • Works with Wukong's Primal Fury and Iron Jab's augment, Iron Vault to increase damage.


  • On the initial release that showcased this mod, the mod card along with the update notes had noted that Seismic Wave increased the slam radius of the equipped weapon, misleading players to believe that its purpose was to expand the already impressive slam radius of a weapon (such as the Jat Kittag). The mod card text was eventually fixed to reflect its actual function.

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