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Name Description Sentinel Polarity Rarity
Accelerated Deflection Increases shield recharge rate of the Sentinel Any Vazarin Pol Uncommon
Ammo Case Mutates ammo to the ammo type your weapon is using and is holding
Increases ammo capacity
Carrier Penjaga Pol Common
Animal Instinct The Sentinel detects the location of nearby enemies and loot for the player Any Naramon Pol Rare
Arc Coil Sentinel will zap multiple enemies within range Diriga Penjaga Pol Common
Calculated Redirection Increases maximum shield of the Sentinel Any Vazarin Pol Common
Calculated Shot Sentinel charges a powerful shot and fires at first enemy in sight Diriga Penjaga Pol Common
Coolant Leak Sentinel generates a small freeze aura which slows incoming enemies Any Penjaga Pol Rare
Crowd Dispersion The Sentinel unleashes a radial stun and knockdown when targets get close Wyrm Penjaga Pol Common
Detect Vulnerability The Sentinel marks damage multiplying weakspots on enemies with completed codex entries Helios Penjaga Pol Rare
Electro Pulse Sentinel continually zaps a nearby enemy, trapping them in a stunned state Diriga Penjaga Pol Common
Enhanced Vitality Increases maximum health of the Sentinel Any Vazarin Pol Common
Fatal Attraction The Sentinel pulls enemies towards the user Djinn Penjaga Pol Common
Fired Up Increases weapon damage of Sentinel in recurrent attacks Any Madurai Pol Rare
Ghost The Sentinel cloaks its owner when enemies are close Shade Penjaga Pol Common
Guardian The Sentinel automatically restores some of its owner's shields when they are reduced to zero Any Penjaga Pol Common
Investigator The Sentinel will automatically scan enemies and objects to add to the Codex Helios Penjaga Pol Common
Looter The Sentinel will break nearby containers by shooting them Carrier Penjaga Pol Rare
Medi-Ray The Sentinel can periodically restore a percentage of its owner's health over 4 seconds (15-second cooldown) Any Penjaga Pol Uncommon
Metal Fiber Increases armor of the Sentinel Any Vazarin Pol Common
Primed Regen The Sentinel regenerates up to three times if killed with full health, and is granted an invulnerability period per each rank Any Penjaga Pol Legendary
Regen The Sentinel will regenerate once if it is killed Any Penjaga Pol Common
Revenge The Sentinel will attack the enemy which attacked its owner Shade Penjaga Pol Common
Sacrifice The Sentinel will revive its owner at the cost of its own life Any Penjaga Pol Rare
Sanctuary Provides a shield when its owner is reviving an ally Any Vazarin Pol Rare
Shield Charger The Sentinel will periodically increase nearby Warframes' max shields and shield regen Any Penjaga Pol Rare
Self Destruct The Sentinel explodes upon death, dealingBlast b Blast damage to nearby enemies Any Madurai Pol Rare
Spare Parts The Sentinel has a chance to drop a rare material upon death Any Naramon Pol Uncommon
Striker The Sentinel will attack the first visible enemy in range Carrier Penjaga Pol Common
Swift Deth The Sentinel will attack the first visible enemy in range Dethcube Penjaga Pol Common
Targeting Receptor The Sentinel will attack the first visible enemy in range Helios Penjaga Pol Common
Thumper The Sentinel will attack the first visible enemy in range Djinn Penjaga Pol Common
Vaporize The Sentinel will fire a powerful beam at close enemies, dealing high damage and stunning those that survive Dethcube Penjaga Pol Common
Warrior The Sentinel will attack the first visible enemy in range Wyrm Penjaga Pol Common

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