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Not to be confused with Sentient.

Sentinels are hovering companions that follow their Tenno masters around and assist in various ways, dependent on the precepts used to program them. It is possible to program sentinels with precepts, or skill mods, that can turn a sentinel into an attack drone or a support drone. Sentinels can also accommodate their own unique stat-increasing mods, similar to Warframe mods. 


Sentinels, like weapons and Warframes, level up with affinity. They have health, shields, armor, a personal weapon, and energy reserves. They can be targeted separately from their Tenno master and, upon death, do not revive for the rest of the mission, unless their master dies and spends a Revive or the sentinel has Regen precept installed. Enemies tend to target a Warframe first, but may target the sentinel if it acquires threat.

Each Sentinel comes with a unique weapon, taking up a total of two sentinel slots (independent from Warframe and weapon slots) with an additional pair of slots costing Platinum64‍ 12 to purchase. All Sentinels will come with two mods specific to their type. Sentinels have four Penjaga Pol polarity slots, an Orokin Reactor upgrade slot, and can be Polarized with a Forma.

Currently, all Sentinels may be acquired and equipped regardless of Mastery Rank. At full rank, each Sentinel alone will use 10 Conclave points.


Generally, most sentinels can be bought from the market fully-built and with their own inventory slots for Platinum64‍ 75. Alternatively, their blueprints can be purchased for Credits64‍ 100,000, but without corresponding inventory slots to go with them. There are several exceptions to this rule; the blueprints for Djinn and Helios are obtained via Clan Dojo Research, the Prisma Shade is purchased from Baro Ki'Teer for Credits64‍ 300,000 and PrimeBucks‍500 (albeit without inventory slots), and the components and blueprints for Wyrm Prime and Carrier Prime are obtained in the Void, their respective Prime Access packages, or through Trading between other players.

Sentinel Weapons

All Sentinel weapons can use normal weapon mods, provided the mod is compatible with the Sentinel weapon in question (i.e. the Diriga's Vulklok can use Sniper Mods along with Rifle Mods, but the Dethcube's Deth Machine Rifle can only use Rifle mods). Mods that affect Fire Rate, base damage, Multishot, Critical Hits, Elemental Damage, and Status Chance all work as normal, whereas mods that affect Reload Speed will only affect the cooldown between bursts from the Shade's Burst Laser or the Wyrm's Laser Rifle, and mods that affect magazine size have no noticeable effect on any Sentinel weapon.

However, a weapon mod cannot be used in both a player's active weapon and their sentinel's active weapon (for example, the Sweeper cannot use the same copy of Point Blank equipped on a Hek). For this reason, mod duplicates may be needed if one wishes to use the same type of mod for their sentinel and their primary weapon. In the event that there is such a conflict when swapping out weapons in the Arsenal, the game will ask if it can swap out the shared mod with a different copy of equal power or effect.

Sentinels can equip other sentinels' weapons (With the exception of Helios's Deconstructor, which can only be equipped on Helios, though Helios can freely use other weapons) provided additional weapons are available. However, the only way to get another sentinel's weapon is to craft that particular sentinel to retrieve their specific weapon. Players may also opt to unequip a Sentinel weapon altogether if attacking enemies will be detrimental to the given mission.

Though Sentinel weapons can be sold independent of their parent Sentinel, you cannot sell it if it is the only Sentinel weapon in your inventory.

Sentinel Mods


Aside from the pool of mods shared between all Sentinels, there are at least two exclusive Sentinel Mods for each Sentinel (including any available variants) that modifies its behavior during combat. Typically, these are obtained as soon as the player claims them from the Foundry, though some of them can drop from enemies, and others can be found from other sources.

Mod Priority

As with all Companions, Precept mods will have different priorities in which they are used, based on which slot they equipped in; the top left mod slot has the highest priority and will be used most often, while the bottom right mod slot has the lowest priority and will be used least often. Managing these mods is key to get the most out of your Sentinel.

2015-07-15 00001

Highest priority at top-left, lowest priority at bottom-right.


  • A Sentinel will not attack enemies unless its respective attack precept mod is equipped.
  • Whenever a Sentinel kills an enemy, the player only receives Warframe experience from the kill. Even if the player assisted in the kill, no weapon experience is awarded. Any experience gained through Affinity Orbs and Challenge Rewards will be shared across all equipment.
  • While using Nyx's Mind Control ability, your sentinel may periodically fire a bullet every so often at your controlled foe.
  • If a player remains idle for an extended period of time, a Sentinel will "disable," stopping its idle animation and causing it to not fire or use abilities, presumably to prevent players from idling. They can be re-enabled by moving several meters.


  • Because of the aforementioned Priority system, it may be wise to equip utility-based Precept mods (be it Sentinel-specific or general Sentinel mods) at higher priorities over attack Precept mods, so Sentinels can assist players immediately when the situation calls for it.
    • Coolant Leak, Regen, Sanctuary, and Animal Instinct can be placed in any mod slot as their effects are inherently passive, thus they are not affected by Priority nor do they interfere with it. The same applies to mods that affect a Sentinel's stats directly.

Comparison to Kubrows and Kavats

The following comparison assumes that the player possesses all available mods for Sentinels, Kubrows and Kavats.


  • Easy to acquire — requires only blueprints and resources to build.
  • No maintenance costs.
  • Can engage enemies at range.
  • Can switch between different weapons.
  • Tethered to the player, keeping it from getting caught up on terrain or engaging in combat unrelated to their owner.
  • Wider array of crowd-control options.
  • If killed, can be resurrected with full health if a killed player uses a Revive, or if the Sentinel has Regen equipped.


  • Comparatively fragile in combat, vulnerable to Damage-over-Time effects and Area-of-Effect attacks.
    • Lower maximum shields overall.
    • Lower maximum health.
    • Weak armor rating (although Prime Sentinels have higher armor values compared to their regular counterparts).
    • Cannot regenerate health as effectively as organic Companions (however, Rejuvenation does affect Sentinels).
      • Though Regen does revive a Sentinel upon losing all its health, it only works once per life. If the Sentinel is destroyed a second time, it stays destroyed until the player uses a revive.


  • Interestingly, data Fragments players can scan on Mars suggest that most of the early Sentinels are an offshoot of the Sentients that were (fortunately) non-aggressive upon their discovery, and were subsequently used to assist the Tenno during missions. This is reflected in how most Sentinels, particularly those of Tenno origin, tend to be more organic in design compared to Sentinels built from other factions (such as the Grineer-built Diriga).


  • Sentinel Weapons Selection

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