Sequence is an effect associated with The Perrin Sequence Syndicate, that is activated by acquiring affinity with a Syndicate Weapon or a weapon equipped with a Weapon Augment Mod. When triggered, Sequence will release an AoE radial attack 25m around the player, dealing 1000 Radiation b Radiation damage and applying the Confusion Status Effect to enemies in range. It will also restore 25% of the player's max Shields, and provide a (base) Shield boost of +50% for 30 seconds.

Unintentionally, the effect will also remove the halved shield penalty in ice hazard mission types, causing players to regain full shields after it procs.

Sequence WeaponsEdit

Source Amount

Secura Dual Cestra

Secura Penta

Sequence ModsEdit

Source Amount (at maxed rank) Weapon
+1 Grinlok
+1 Spectra
+1 Acrid
+1 Lanka

Shield BoostEdit

View Shield Boost List
Warframe Shield Boost
Ash +75
Ash Prime +63
Atlas +50
Banshee +50
Banshee Prime +50
Chroma +50
Ember +50
Ember Prime +63
Equinox +50
Excalibur +50
Excalibur Prime +50
Frost +75
Frost Prime +88
Hydroid +58
Inaros +0
Ivara +50
Limbo +38
Loki +38
Loki Prime +38
Mag +75
Mag Prime +75
Mesa +38
Mirage +40
Nekros +45
Nekros Prime +75
Nezha +38
Nidus +0
Nova +38
Nova Prime +50
Nyx +50
Nyx Prime +63
Oberon +50
Octavia +38
Rhino +75
Rhino Prime +75
Saryn +50
Saryn Prime +50
Titania +50
Trinity +50
Trinity Prime +75
Valkyr +25
Valkyr Prime +25
Vauban +38
Vauban Prime +50
Volt +75
Volt Prime +75
Wukong +63
Zephyr +75

*Values were rounded to the nearest whole number, as decimal Shield amounts are not displayed.

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