The Serration mod increases the base damage of primary weapons (excluding shotguns) by 15% per rank, at a maximum of 165% at rank 10.


Rank Effect Cost
0 +15% 4
1 +30% 5
2 +45% 6
3 +60% 7
4 +75% 8
5 +90% 9
6 +105% 10
7 +120% 11
8 +135% 12
9 +150% 13
10 +165% 14


Rank Effect Cost
0 +10% 2
1 +20% 3
2 +30% 4
3 +40% 5


  • Serration damage is applied before any other damage type. Therefore, every other damage increasing mod benefits from Serration. E.g. a weapon with a base damage of 18 equipped with a rank 9 Serration mod (150%) would have a new base damage of 45: 18 + (18 × 150%) = 45
    • This new base damage will be what is used to calculate elemental damages.
  • When paired with other mods:
    • Multiplicatively stacks with Faction Damage Mods for a maximum of +244.5% damage.
      • +310.75% for Primed Faction Damage Mods
    • Additively stacks with Heavy Caliber for a maximum of +330% damage.
    • Stacks with Heavy Caliber and Faction Damage Mods for a total of +459% damage at max rank.
      • +566.5% for Primed Faction Damage Mods
  • At higher ranks the fusion cost of this mod becomes quite costly. Upgrading other mods simultaneously makes for a better investment of your Endo compared to only enhancing this one alone.
    • It is suggested to upgrade this mod to at least rank 5 quickly though, since it is useful on a lot of weapons.
    • Maxing this mod requires 20,460 Endo and 988,218 Credits.
  • Due to how it affects the base damage, this mod is necessary for all primary weapons in order to use them optimally. Few mods can replace the effectiveness of this mod.

Drop LocationsEdit

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Type Category Rotation Chance
DefenseDark SectorB1.38%
ExcavationTier 1B7.14%
InterceptionTier 2B7.14%
InterceptionTier 1B5.26%
SpyTier 2B5.56%
SpyTier 1C9.09%
SurvivalDark Sector 3B7.14%
SurvivalTier 2B6.25%
ExcavationTier 2B6.25%
SurvivalTier 3B7.14%
ExcavationTier 3B7.14%
SurvivalTier 1B7.14%
SurvivalDark Sector 1B7.14%
SurvivalDark Sector 2B6.25%

Enemy Rarity Chance
Electric CrawlerRare0.1659%
Kuva ScorpionRare0.2211%
Nauseous CrawlerUncommon0.3318%


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