Set Mods are a unique class of Mods that offer increasing bonuses when one or more mods in a set are equipped on the player's Warframe and weapons.

Each Set consists of 6 Mods at most, with individual mods providing standard stat increases and bonuses, but also providing a second Set Bonus stat that is shared between all the mods in the set. Set Bonuses are improved through the number of mods in the Set equipped - the more mods in the set are used, the stronger the Set Bonus.

Set Bonus effects are not improved by upgrading the mod through regular fusion. Only the number of equipped mods within the set dictates the Set Bonus strength.


Augur Mod SetEdit

Set Bonus: 240% Energy spent on abilities is converted to shields (40% per mod equipped). This only seems to be able to accumulate overshields as long as the Warframe has no overshields when casting an ability (similar to Brief Respite), though this isn't mentioned in the description of the set bonus. The set bonus also does not convert energy drained over time by channeled abilities such as Ember's World On Fire.

Comprised of  4 Warframe Mods and  2 Pistol Mods.

Gladiator Mod SetEdit

Set Bonus: +90% critical chance, stacks with Combo Multiplier (15% per mod equipped). This effect stacks with Blood Rush for a total of +255%.

Comprised of 3 Warframe Mods and 3 Melee Mods.

Vigilante Mod SetEdit

Set Bonus: 30% chance to enhance Critical Hits from Primary Weapons, increasing critical tier by 1. (5% per mod equipped).

Comprised of 2 Warframe Mods and 4 Primary Mods.

Hunter Mod SetEdit

Set Bonus: Companions deal 150% Extra Damage against enemies affected by Slash b Slash status. (25% per mod)

Comprised of 1 Warframe Mod, 2 Primary Mods, and 3 Companion Mods.

The Hunter Mod Set was rewarded from Operation: Plague Star and can drop from Ghouls on the Plains of Eidolon.

Umbral Mod SetEdit

Set Bonus: Enhances all equipped mods within the set.

Comprised of 3 Warframe Mods.

Awarded during the course of The Sacrifice quest line, pre-equipped on Excalibur Umbra.

Sacrificial Mod SetEdit

Set Bonus: Enhances all equipped mods within the set.

Comprised of 2 Melee Mods.

Awarded during the course of The Sacrifice quest line, pre-equipped on Skiajati and Excalibur Umbra's Exalted Umbra Blade.


  • The Augur Set can replenish shields even after life support has run out in a survival mission.
  • The Vigilante Set's "Enhance Critical Hits" bonus refers to the ability to upgrade the Critical Damage level of the weapon by one rank, i.e. if the weapon deals a "yellow" critical, there is a 30% chance that it will deal an "orange" critical instead, dealing more critical damage. Another way to think of this is X% chance for +100% additive crit chance.
  • The ability to get set bonuses with even a single mod from a set should not be overlooked. This allows players to take the best mods from each set to further optimize their builds.
  • From current testing, both the mod stats and the set bonus seem to affect exalted abilities that satisfy the required condition.
  • Hunter Companion mods cannot be used on sentinels.
  • While Set Mods can be equipped on Exalted Weapons, they will not contribute to nor benefit from set bonuses. This also applies to Venari.

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Update 23.10
  • Updated the header art and simplified the description for Hunter Set Mods!
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