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On this page is a list of all Settings in WARFRAME.

Invert Y Axis Inverts the default camera control, makes the camera point downwards when the mouse or controller is pushed forward.
Invert X Axis Inverts the default camera control, makes the camera point left when the mouse or controller is pushed right, and vice versa.
Aim Sensitivity Adjusts the sensitivity of the camera control.
Customize Key Bindings Customizes the Key Bindings.
Customize Controller Customizes the key bindings of a controller, if any.
Enable Controller Southpaw Swaps the function of thumbsticks specifically for left-handed users.
Enable Controller Aim Assist Enable Controller Aim Assist.
Enable Vibration Enables the vibration function of a controller.
Use Abilities on Selection Instantly uses selected ability.
Hold Jump to Wallrun Requires the jump button to be held to wallrun.
Auto Vault Over Obstacles Detects any applicable obstacle to vault.
Align Attacks to Camera Automatically redirects melee attack to the direction of camera.
Melee Auto Targeting Automatically redirects melee attack to any applicable target, overrides Align Attacks to Camera.
Camera Tracks Melee Target Automatically redirects camera to a melee target.
Toggle Sprint Activates toggle function to sprint.
Toggle Aim Weapon Activates toggle function to aim.
Toggle Melee Block Activates toggle function to melee block.
Toggle Melee Channel Activates toggle function to melee channel.
Context Action Includes Reload Activates reloading if the context key had nothing to interact with.
Use Mouse Thumb Button as Back Use Mouse Thumb Button as Back
Melee Combos Displays melee combos.

Allow Invites Changes the invite filters when receiving an invite:
  • All - Allow invites from everyone.
  • Friends - Filter invites only from friends.
  • None - Block any invites.
Region Changes which server for the client to connect to:
  • North America - East
  • North America - West
  • South America
  • Europe
  • Asia
  • Oceania
Matchmaking Ping Limit Changes the ping limit for the matchmaking process:
  • 100
  • 125
  • 150
  • 175
  • 200
  • 225
  • 250
  • 275
  • 300
  • 325
  • 350
  • 375
  • 400
  • No Limit
PC Type Changes how the client interacts with matchmaking (Desktop clients will be favored over laptops with regards to hosting):
  • Autodetect
  • Desktop
  • Laptop
Global Chat Enables connection to the Global, Trading and Recruiting Chat.
Profanity Filter Enables censoring for Profanity.
Chat Message Timestamps Adds a timestamp to chat messages.
Large chat text Increases the size of the chat font.
Inline Private Messages Displays private messages in other chat tabs.
Legacy Color Palettes Uses the color palette.
Enable UPnP Activates Universal Plug & Play (UPnP) protocol.
Enable NAT-PMP Activates NAT Port Mapping Protocol (NAP-PMP).
Network Ports [UDP] Change the ports used by the game
  • 4950&4955
  • 4960&4965
  • 4970&4975
  • 4980&4985
  • 4990&4995
Gore Enabled Activates gore animation, including disembodiment.
Analyze Network Analyzes for any UPnP and NAT-PMP.

Show HUD Option to Show HUD. Does not include menu.
Damage/Affinity Numbers Toggle the display of floating damage/affinity numbers.
Show FPS Shows a FPS and Frame Time meter to the lower left of the screen.
Adjust HUD Margins Changes the margin of HUD.
Show Player List Displays the squad member list without having to press Z.
Show Ability Dots Shows the ability dots under reticle ingame.
Show Teammate Names Displays the name of your squad members over their characters.
Lock Map Rotation Locks map from rotating.
Prefer Overlay Map Toggles to option to use the Overlay Map as the default map.
UI In Screenshots Shows UI and HUD in taken screenshots.
HUD Motion Adjusts the motion movement of the HUD screen.
HUD Scale Adjusts the scale of the HUD screen.
Mark your Kubrow Activates innate waypointing to your Kubrow.
Disable Sniper Scope When toggled, disable the Sniper Rifle-specific scope UI.

Video Resolution Changes the screen resolution to use in fullscreen (in windowed mode, this changes the FOV).
Display Mode Changes display mode:
  • Windowed
  • Borderless Fullscreen
  • Fullscreen
Aspect Ratio Adjust the width-height ratio of the client's size in different dimensions.
  • 3:4
  • 9:16
  • 10:16
Vertical Sync Limits the maximum FPS allowed to prevent screen tearing (where a frame shows information of two or more frames in a single screen draw).
Brightness Adjusts how bright the screen is.
Contrast Adjusts the clarity of dark and bright places.
Field of View Adjusts how big the viewing of a screen is.
Nvidia PhysX Effects Enables the use of Nvidia PhysX Effects (if applicable).
Runtime Tessellation Improves performance by reducing strain on CPU while creating objects.
Local Reflections Adds reflections of agents to the game where applicable.
High Dynamic Range Reproduce a greater dynamic range of luminosity to interpret a wider range of light conditions in a scene.
Adaptive Exposure Dynamically adjust the brightness of the scene to simulate a human eye adjusting to various levels of brightness in the real world.
Glare Adds Glare.
Ambient Occlusion Enables the use of ambient occlusion to simulate a more realistic global illumination.
Geometry Detail Adjusts the numbers of polygons rendered in objects.
  • Low
  • Medium
  • High
Particle System Quality Adjusts the quality of particle effects.
  • Low
  • Medium
  • High
Shadow Quality Adjusts the sharpness of all agents' shadows.
  • Low
  • Medium
  • High
Texture Memory Adjusts the memory used to store textures.
  • Low
  • Medium
  • High
Anisotropic Filtering Enables anisotropic filtering.
Anti-aliasing Smoothen the edges of every objects.
  • Disabled
  • Low (FXAA)
  • High (SMAA)
Depth of field Simulates the depth of field of a scene by focusing the camera to the reticle to clearly render the target while blurring the surrounding objects and environment.
Motion Blur Simulates the motion blur of an eye tracking a fast moving object, agents or environment.
Bloom Produces fringes (or feathers) of light extending from the borders of bright areas to simulate an extremely bright light overwhelming the camera capturing the scene.
Color Correction Enables color correction to alter the overall color of the light; typically the light color is measured on a scale known as color temperature to simulate the temperature of a scene (e.g.: Grineer Settlement being hot, Corpus Outpost being cold).
Dynamic Lighting Renders graphics scenes with a larger contrast range to preserve the details that may be lost due to limited contrast ratio.
Character Shadows Adds body shadows to all characters depending on the source of illumination.
Constant Weapon Trail Allows the melee weapon to constantly have a channeling-like effect.
Weapon Elemental FX Displays a weapon effect according to the elemental damage it does.

Master Volume Adjusts the master volume of the game.
Music Volume Adjusts the volume of background music.
Speech Volume Adjusts the volume of speech.
Transmission Volume Adjusts the volume of transmissions.
Sound Effects Volume Adjusts the volume of sound effects.
Ordis Volume Adjusts the volume of Ordis.
Operator Voice Toggle transmissions from the player's Operator.
Reverb Enables dynamic reverberation of SFX depending on the size of the room the player are in.
Mute when running in background Disables sound when the game is in background.
Enable Voice Enables in-game voice chat.
Auto Gain Control (Outbound) Boosts the sound of the ambient voice when there are no present sound to output (i.e.: SFX, Speech, Transmissions) and vice versa.
Voice Receive Volume Adjusts the volume of in-game voice chat.
Test Microphone Allows testing the microphone.
Select Mic Input Device Selects the Microphone to be used for in-game voice chat (if applicable).
Select Voice Output Device Selects the Voice Output Device (if applicable).

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